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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Funeral Directors

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Remembrance Programs

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The holidays are just around the corner, and because funeral directors work so hard all year long, they deserve something nice this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking to find something practical, fun, or work-related, we’ve got some funeral director gift ideas for you!

1. Toe tag drink tag. Want a unique twist for the next holiday party? These little antique tags are attached to a glass to keep track of each guest’s beverage. The cards can be playfully filled out to list the name, date of death, and cause. It’s a great idea for the funeral director who likes to have a little fun. (Also, check out these funeral-inspired cocktail recipes to use the toe tags with!)

2. Tea infuser with a twist. If tea is more their thing, check out this Tea Bones Tea Infuser available at Pushin Daises. It’s a small tea infuser shaped like a skull that can rest right on the crossbones when the tea is done steeping.

3. Massage. Who deserves a massage more than a funeral director? Between the long hours on their feet and lots of heavy lifting, a massage might just be the perfect gift on the list. Most professional massage and spas offer gift cards for different massage packages. But you could also consider an electric back/foot massager for a long-term gift idea. Here is an article about the best personal foot massagers of 2016.

4. Antique office sign. Northwest Gifts offers personalized professional signs that are a perfect gift for the traditional funeral director. The vintage sign is made to order and is personalized with the recipient’s name.  It’s made in the USA with real wood planks and a vintage distressed look.

5. Coffin clock. A unique — and macabre — way to tell time. The coffin clock comes in different colors and styles and resembles a classic Victorian-era coffin. The clocks stand on their own or are hung in the office for a fun way to keep time.

6. Funeral cookbooks. We’ve got a great list of funeral food-themed cookbooks for the culinary funeral director in your life. The books have a range of recipes from all over the world and contain the culture and tradition of different funeral feasts.

7. Remember Me: A Lively Tour of the New American Way of Death. The book Remember Me is written by author and journalist Lisa Takeuchi Cullen. The book is a biography of Cullen’s travels across the country to talk with different people about dying in America. The book explores the concept of a “modern” funeral and goes into different traditions and new trends like personalization, economization, and humanization of funerals. It’s a great account of the growing idea of “celebrations of life.”

8. Wine subscription. Wine — one of the best ways to unwind. And we all know being a funeral director is no walk in the park. Memberships to a “wine of the month” club can be easily gifted, and the subscriptions come in different packages to meet any need. The basic packages work by shipping two bottles of wine each month, along with notes, pairing tips, and vineyard histories. There are a few clubs to choose from, so make sure to check out this article from Forbes to see their guide to the best wine clubs around. Wine not their drink of choice? You could also gift them a Whiskey of the Month membership.

9. Portable phone charger. A portable phone charger is great for the funeral director who is always on the go. It’s a pocket-sized pack that prevents you from having to worry about a dead phone battery. They work with most modern phones and can extend the charge for an average of 14 extra hours — a great gift for those who find themselves far from an electrical outlet.

10. NFDA membership. If the funeral director you’re looking to buy for isn’t a member already, an NFDA membership has several benefits they would enjoy. Joining the world’s largest funeral association grants them access to extra training and certification, news and industry updates, recognition programs, and more!

What’s on your wishlist this year? Share with us in the comments below!

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