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10 Organizations Your Funeral Home Can Partner with for Events

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Funeral Profession

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Is your funeral home hosting any upcoming events? Whether it’s an educational seminar or a remembrance dinner, consider teaming up with local organizations and businesses.

Partnering up on your next event means double the promotion — which also means more attendees. It will essentially cut your staff’s workload in half. You have an extra set of hands to help gather supplies, book a venue, order catering, and any other tasks.

In turn, you also get to be more involved in your community and gain more positive exposure for your funeral home.

These 10 organizations make excellent potential event partners for your funeral home.

1. Churches

Your local churches are a great place to start. Do you host an annual holiday remembrance program? Reach out to your local churches to find a minister for your ceremony. Whenever you have a memorial event, you can reach out to churches to find ministers to speak at your events.

2. Hospice Centers

Hospice centers and funeral homes can go hand in hand to help grieving families. You both share the common goal of helping families, so you can team up on events to educate and comfort families. A few event ideas include teaming up to host a seminar or webinar series on the grieving process, organize an educational luncheon about funeral planning, or create an online forum to collaboratively answer families’ questions.

3. Hospitals

Going off of hospice centers, hospitals are another great event partnership opportunity. For example, you can organize a monthly event for playing games with the patients or reading books. Another idea is to partner up for an educational seminar about how to create an in case of emergency kit and add emergency information to your smartphone.

4. Animal Shelters

Animal shelters and funeral homes can work together to educate families about the responsibilities of being a pet owner, including end-of-life arrangements. You can host an educational seminar about what to do when your pet passes away, a workshop for creating DIY pet mementos, or a meet and greet with the shelter animals to help lift the spirits of those who are struggling with grief.

5. Suicide Support Groups

Your funeral home can work with suicide support groups to help grieving families who had a loved one die by suicide. You can host events about either suicide prevention or how to cope with the loss. To honor the lives of those who died by suicide, you can invite families to a memorial service or candlelight vigil.

6. Police Officers

To make sure that your community events stay safe, you can team up with your local police department to make sure that your events go smoothly. You also can work together to host an educational seminar about best practices for funeral processions.

7. Schools and Colleges

Reach out to your local schools and colleges to find students or even teachers and professors for your events. For example, you can invite a psychology professor to talk to your community about grief. Or you can ask a photography student or a school’s photography club to do a presentation on creating photo-based mementos.

8. Restaurants

A good community event often comes with good food. Team up with your local restaurants to cater your events. People love free food, so it gives them another incentive to attend your event. It could be for an educational luncheon, memorial dinner, or any other event where people could use a bite to eat. It’s a simple way to support your local restaurants while also getting the word out about your funeral home.

9. Local Stores

Support your local store owners by teaming up with them for event supplies. It could be your local grocer for food and drinks, a party planning store for decorations or other businesses that have supplies that you need for your events.

10. Other Organizations

The opportunities are endless when it comes to event partnership opportunities. We can keep going on well after 10 organizations, so here are just a few more partner suggestions:

  • Knights of Columbus
  • Salvation Army
  • Local musicians
  • Nursing homes
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • And many more!

What other organizations have your funeral home partnered with? Share them with us in the comments!


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