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12 Creative Ways to Grieve a Loss During the Summertime

by | Jun 18, 2019 | For Families

sitting by lake in summertime

With the summertime approaching, those who are grieving may find it difficult to enjoy summer activities without their loved one. However, there are many ways you can grieve a loss and honor your loved one’s memory this summer.

The First Day of Summer is almost here, along with International Yoga Day and World Music Day. So, we want to use these holidays as some inspiration for summer-themed grieving methods.

Below are a few ideas to help you grieve a loss during the summer.

Music and Grief

  1. Grab a beach chair and listen to some music, whether it’s your loved one’s favorite music or songs that help you grieve a loss.
  2. Gather your family and go to an outdoor concert with one of your loved one’s favorite bands.
  3. Curl up in a hammock and write a song about your loved one or grief. Then, you can share the song with your family or keep it to yourself for when you’re missing your loved one a little extra.
  4. Make a playlist of your loved one’s favorite songs. Then, you can share it with your loved one’s family and friends to listen to when they want to feel close to them.

Exercise and Grief

  1. Spend time in nature and go for a walk or run outside. You can run past your loved one’s favorite places in your community or find a scenic trail for collecting your thoughts.
  2. Join a yoga class or download a yoga app on your smartphone. Check out these yoga poses for a few to start with!
  3. Find a local 5K run for a good cause and run in honor of your loved one. Your family can register as a team and have your team name incorporate your loved one’s name.
  4. Register for some fitness classes at your local gym. Exercise is a great way to express your grief while taking care of yourself.

Other Summer-Themed Grieving Methods

  1. Share memories of your loved one around a bonfire. Whether they’re funny stories or positive ways they impacted your life, everyone can enjoy some s’mores and good company while possibly learning something new about their loved one.
  2. Plan a family vacation to one of your loved one’s favorite places. Or, go somewhere that they always wanted to go but didn’t get the chance to. It can be as big as traveling abroad or as simple as going to the nearby water park or amusement park.
  3. Have a picnic by your loved one’s gravesite, memorial location, or ash scattering location. Make sure to pack your loved one’s favorite summer treats.
  4. Get the children involved by starting a lemonade stand. You can donate the money raised to a charity in your loved one’s honor.

What other ways can you grieve a loss during the summertime? Share them with us in the comments!


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