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Behind-The-Scenes: Frazer Flower Network

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Technology

A florist's table with flowers and supplies

When coping with the loss of a loved one, the healing power of flowers helps express feelings of love, hope, strength, and sympathy to grieving families.

At Frazer Consultants, we realize the importance of finding the perfect flower arrangement to convey these feelings, so our Tribute Store is here to make things easier for both funeral homes and families.

Tribute Store comes free with all Frazer-powered websites and allows families to easily place flower orders from their loved one’s Tribute Wall, a permanent virtual tribute where loved ones can share photos, messages, and purchase flowers and other gifts.

With Tribute Store, your funeral home decides what florists you want to work with, and we take care of maintaining the website and providing customer service support so your funeral home can focus on helping and comforting your families.

We also handle maintenance of the Frazer Flower Network, which is the catalog of floral arrangements, photos, descriptions, and recipes that florists and funeral homes can choose to offer families.

Building our Flower Network

We’ve worked hard to build the Frazer Flower Network with the help of a local florist near our headquarters in Wisconsin. As we mentioned, you can send floral arrangements to any local florist of your choosing.

Florists don’t have to be a member of an existing floral network to join the Frazer Flower Network. There are no florist membership fees, and we take care of setting them up in the network. We also take care of all taxes and credit card processing fees when your families place flower orders.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Tribute Store and the Frazer Flower Network, so you can rest assured you and your families will be pleased with the floral arrangements and the easy ordering process.

What are my floral arrangement options?

We have an extensive arrangement catalog with more than 180 different floral arrangement options, and we’re constantly adding new ones. Florists can adjust the prices of the arrangements or remove any arrangements they don’t inventory.

What if I have multiple florists in one location?

Not a problem, the orders are evenly distributed to all of your chosen florists. Florists receive orders via fax or email, and order notifications can be sent via text message or voicemail.

What if a flower is currently out of stock?

Florists are provided with contact information for those who have placed flower orders, so if they’re currently out of a certain type of flower, they can contact customers directly to see if they want to choose a different flower of equal value or a different floral arrangement. Also, we take care of any refunds so that your funeral home has one less thing to worry about.

What if orders aren’t placed in time for the service?

Most arrangements can be ordered and delivered the same day as long as the order is placed before 3 p.m. But if a flower order is placed after the deadline to make it to the funeral service, the delivery is auto-directed to the family’s home address. There’s also an auto-populated delivery address for the next available funeral service or visitation, if applicable.

Behind-the-Scenes: Flower Photo Shoot

The Frazer Flower Network is built by Frazer Consultants with the help of a local florist. We take our own floral arrangement photos in-house to ensure we capture the best quality photos. Take a look behind the scenes at one of our photo shoots!

A camera, backdrop, and floral arrangement sit ready to be photographed
The flower-filled photo shoot starts with setting up the camera, lighting, and photo shoot area.
Buckets of extra flowers and greenery sits on a cart
We have extra buckets of flowers on hand to make sure the floral arrangements look their best.
Floral arrangements on a table
All sorts of floral arrangements are prepped for the photo shoot, from large arrangements and wreaths…
Baskets of flowers on a table
…to smaller baskets to send as gifts or set on tables!
Floral wreath with a label in the middle
The floral arrangements are labeled and placed on the table to wait for their turn in the spotlight.
Hope floral arrangement
One of the beautiful final products of our photo shoots!

Once all the floral arrangements are photographed, our content writers name them and write descriptions for them. Then they’re added to the other arrangements in the Tribute Store, where families and friends can order them for loved ones.


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