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25 Free Blog Post Prompts for Your Funeral Home Website

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Funeral Home Marketing

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It’s no secret that we’re big believers in the power of business blogging and social media marketing to help funeral homes connect directly with their target customers. But that said, we also know how difficult it can be to come up with new topics to write about day after day!

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, check out the following business blog prompts to help get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully, these 25 ideas will inspire you to create new content pieces that your audiences will love!

How traditional funeral services assist in providing closure to the grieving process

Dr. Alan Wolfelt is big on teaching the “why” of funeral service, but your funeral home can play a role in the process as well. Blog posts that discuss how funeral services can help bring comfort to families are great from both an educational standpoint and from their ability to help your bottom line.

Different types of preneed and preplanning arrangements that are available

Very few consumers are informed about the different preneed and preplanning tools that are out there. Walking them through these options will help your funeral home be seen as your community’s “go-to” source of information on the subjects.

Documents to put in place before death (power of attorney, will, etc)

Most people know that they need some type of end-of-life documentation, but they don’t know which specific documents to put in place. Help them out with a guide to creating powers of attorney, wills, and other important documents.

Finding a good estate planning lawyer or financial advisor

This goes along with the idea above, but don’t just tell people which documents to create – show them how to get the assistance they need to create them. Not all estate planning officials are created equal, so give your readers the resources they need to avoid being ripped off!

Death benefits and burial programs available to veterans

Navigating the information put out by the government on veterans benefits can be tricky. Give your future customers a simple resource they can go to for answers to all their questions and they’ll be sure to think of your business for their future service needs.

Green burial and other funeral industry trends

Green burial is a huge trend right now among customers planning their end-of-life services. Show them that you’re on top of industry issues with a guide to this and other up-and-coming issues.

How to help children cope with the loss of a loved one

Knowing what information children will be able to handle at different ages is a major concern for families whose losses will affect their youngest members. Even if you have a page on your website dedicated to this topic, consider releasing related content in a blog post to increase the odds of it being seen.

Tips on finding a qualified grief counselor

Making the decision to seek out a grief counselor is one thing — finding the right person is an entirely different journey! Use your blog to refer your readers to helpful local resources or offer general guidance on what to look for in a therapist.

The pros and cons of traditional burial versus cremation

Both burial and cremation have their own pros and cons. Presenting consumers with an unbiased look at both options shows that you’re there to support them — no matter which path they choose.

Easy ways to personalize a funeral service on a budget

Everybody wants a personalized service, but nobody wants to pay for it! Use your blog to educate your families on different ways they can make their services more meaningful without breaking the bank to do so.

Different methods for funding a funeral service

More options than ever exist today for funding funeral services — including innovative new crowd-sourcing options and traditional methods (like life insurance policies or preneed packages). Give your readers the information they need to ensure that they don’t miss out on the benefits services can provide due to financial concerns.

How to choose a celebrant or clergy member to conduct the funeral service

As people become less and less religious, choosing a person to conduct the funeral service is less of a “give-in” than ever before. Let your readers know about the different options that exist and how to find the right person for their needs in a new business blog post.

Ideas for memorializing the deceased loved one after the service

Proper memorialization doesn’t stop after the funeral services. The families you work with will be highly appreciative of blog posts that give them options for maintaining the place of their loved ones in their lives.

Techniques for handling challenging anniversaries after a death

Birthdays, anniversaries of passings and other post-death milestones can be extremely challenging for surviving members. A blog post on how to mark these anniversaries sensitively gives your families the information they need to move forward with their lives.

The steps involved in the funeral and final disposition planning process

Very few people know what goes into planning a funeral and final disposition. Transparency in the process makes consumers more comfortable and gives them the information they need to trust your funeral home during their times of loss.

What to look for in a funeral home

For today’s consumers, choosing a funeral home may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Give them the guidance they need to make the right decision by educating them on the key features and services they should look for in a funeral service.

What led your staff members to funeral service careers

People love “behind the scenes” stories, and your blog is the perfect place to capitalize on this interest. Make your business seem more personable by introducing your staff members and interviewing them on the things that brought them to the funeral profession.

Definitions of common funeral home terminology

Planning funeral services can be challenging — especially when those doing the planning aren’t familiar with the language being used. Blog posts that educate consumers on things like the difference between burial vaults and grave liners make them feel more comfortable and more willing to engage with your business in the process.

Hiring a professional photographer for funeral services

We hire professional photographers for every other major milestone in our lives, so it’s no surprise that more and more families are interested in having these artists at their funeral services. A blog post on the subject shows families that you recognize their interest and can teach them how to approach funeral photography in a sensitive, appropriate way.

The advantages of working with a family- or corporate-owned funeral home

Whether you’re family-owned or corporate-owned, you should be able to clearly convey the advantages of working with a business in your position in a blog post. The better you are at showcasing your value, the more likely customers are to choose to work with you in the future.

General health and wellness information

Your blog is the perfect place to show that you aren’t just interested in your customers after death — you’re interested in helping them live more active, healthy lives as well! Partnering with community wellness resources in your area can lead to great blog posts that convey helpful information while keeping your business’s name on the minds of your target customers.

Recommended music and reading selections for funeral services

Help minimize the planning burden on your families by using your blog to highlight possible music and reading selections. Don’t be afraid to branch out from traditional options — posts like “10 Great Rock Ballads for Funeral Services” or “10 Funny Readings to Brighten Up a Funeral” can help you to reach out to Baby Boomers who want more personalization in their services.

Funeral service etiquette guidelines

Everybody wants to know how to handle themselves appropriately at funeral services. If you haven’t already answered this key question on your funeral home’s website, make sure to address it on your blog!

How to handle your digital legacy after death

Digital legacy management is a growing concern as we leave behind a more and more complex trail of online accounts, social media profiles, and email addresses. Help your families put a plan in place for managing this type of content by referring them to these resources: “3 Digital Legacy Management Tools You Need to Know.”

How to talk to loved ones about your final wishes

Bringing up the subject of final wishes is incredibly challenging, but it’s also extremely important. FAMIC’s “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” campaign has brought a great deal of attention to this subject, but your funeral home’s blog can help keep the conversation going with a post on how to talk about your desired end-of-life plans.


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