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30 Times When Funerals Were Too Funny Not To Laugh

by | Jun 21, 2018 | In the News

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Funerals can bring up a variety of emotions. Humor is usually not one of them. But these 30 people share their funniest funeral stories — and remind us that a little laughter can be the best way to mourn.

To read the full article by Sophie Kreitzberg in Refinery 29, click here.


  1. Melissa

    I loved the article. I have a secret to share. When my 91 year old father in law’s body was being prepared for a viewing. I got a call that no one had brought any underwear. I was asked to quickly get a pair and bring it. We did not live close to any stores, so I went home and got a pair of my husbands bikini style underwear. My father-in-law wore boxer style. I figured no one would see them, but I do feel a bit guilty and find it humorous. Only a few know in the family and we laugh together. Maybe you can do an article about secrets….

  2. Melissa Mastrostefano

    The teen died of a drug overdose and was dating a girl whose mother ran a day care for children. She had boxes of tissues for the children to use, and kept any empty box of tissues next to the full one for the garbage. One day the teen asked his girl friend’s mom, Why are your tissues always wrinkled up? She shared this story with his mom at the wake and everyone cracked up and still the remembrance of the boy’s comment and the burst of laughter at the wake brings continued giggles.


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