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5 Cemeteries of the Rich & Famous

by | Jul 12, 2016 | For Families, Funeral Profession

A cross-shaped grave in a graveyard

Beautiful monuments, luxurious gardens, ocean-side views — even in death, the rich and famous just have to have it all. Let’s take a look at some of the poshest places to be laid to rest.

Woodlawn Cemetery — Bronx, New York

Woodlawn is one of the larger cemeteries in America and is the final resting place for many important public figures. Joseph Pulitzer, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Geraldine Fitzgerald, and Celie Cruz are just a few of the big names buried at Woodlawn.

Due to the rich history, the cemetery was made into a National Historic Landmark. Woodlawn has more than 400 acres and about 300,000 people buried there.

So how much would it cost to call Woodlawn your final home? A one-person plot starts at $6,000, but Woodlawn also offers a more glamorous option — a private mausoleum valued at $4 million.

Santa Barbara Cemetery — Santa Barbara, California

Want a cemetery with an ocean view? Then Santa Barbara is for you. The large and scenic cemetery was built in 1857, and the history is reflected in the architecture.

Santa Barbara isn’t how you’d imagine the typical cemetery. The ocean view and manicured gardens give off a sense of tranquility.

While it does offer affordable options, the ocean view is what makes Santa Barbara a top choice for the wealthy. For a section near the water, a spot can go as high as $20,000. A view from atop the bluffs will cost you around $83,000.

Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery — Los Angeles, California

Westwood is another cemetery that’s famous for the celebrities buried there. Some notable names include Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Roy Orbison, and Farrah Fawcett. But it’s not just for the famous.

While anyone can get buried in Westwood, it’s the allure of being buried next to a celebrity that has driven up the cost of plots. The plot above Marilyn Monroe was sold in 2009 for the price of $4.6 million.

Cryonics, Alcor Life Extension — Scottsdale, Arizona

Okay, so Alcor Cryonics looks more like a lab than a cemetery. Technically speaking, it is.

After someone’s heart stops, their body is placed into a freezing chamber to preserve the body. The temperatures get as low as -300 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea is that the body can be revived later with future technology.

So how much does it cost to turn yourself into a human ice cube? For 100 years of storage, the total cost of the process is more than $300,000.

Nirvana Memorial Garden — Singapore

Nirvana Asia offers a luxury columbarium or niche burial chambers for cremated remains. The facility offers much more than just a spot to visit your loved ones. It has rooms designed for resting and reflecting and even a cafeteria for visiting families. All the amenities don’t come cheap, though. A single spot for the urn of cremated ashes can cost $64,000.

What are your thoughts? Would you spend a couple million to spend eternity next to a celebrity? Share with us in the comments below!


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