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5 Reasons Why We Should Thank Funeral Directors

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Funeral Profession

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At Frazer Consultants, we see the difference funeral directors make for families across America and throughout Canada.

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Canada, we want to take a moment to thank funeral directors for everything they do for their families and communities. They are the glue that holds families and communities together during the most heartbreaking time in their lives.

Below are five reasons why we should be thankful for funeral directors.

Funeral Directors Are Compassionate

Funeral directors have a stressful job; but through all the pressure, they put the families they serve first. They take the time to listen to families tell their loved one’s story, taking note of the little details. They care about getting every detail right, so families have the opportunity to honor their loved ones.

Along with funeral planning, they help families make sense of death and find meaning in life again. Through their knowledge about coping with loss, they give families hope and peace. And by offering grief and remembrance programs, they allow their community to heal together.

Funeral Directors Are Dedicated

Funeral directors do the job that a lot of us can’t, and they do it well. It’s an important, yet difficult job that requires you to be completely dedicated to families’ wants and needs. And while doing this, they remain composed and focused while helping families cope with death. Day after day they see families in pain from their loss but they must be the strength that those families need.

The way they go above and beyond to make sure every single detail is right shows their dedication. From organizing photo displays to writing obituaries, they work long hours to make sure the funeral goes perfectly.

Funeral Directors Are Hardworking

Being a funeral director is a demanding job. They take on many other roles of event planners, grief counselors, and countless other tasks. Along with funeral planning, they plan remembrance programs, educational classes, fundraisers, grief seminars, and other community events.

They also know families’ grief doesn’t end with the funeral, so they want to be there for them. Through offering grief programs and providing grief resources, they make sure no one is left feeling alone in their grief.

Funeral Directors Are Passionate

Funeral directors put their heart and soul into creating personal and meaningful funerals for families. You can tell they truly care about their work and being there for families. They want to memorialize families’ loved ones by capturing who they were and why they were so loved.

This passion is what drives grieving families to keep going each and every day. Funeral planning isn’t an easy experience for families, but funeral directors make it as stress-free as possible. It also brings families comfort sharing stories and memories they have with their loved one.

Funeral Directors Are Genuine

Funeral directors are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. Their genuine nature allows families to feel comfortable opening up to them about their loved one. It isn’t easy talking about your feelings with a stranger, but they make you feel like you’re talking to a friend.

They also genuinely care about providing families with a meaningful funeral to say goodbye to their loved one. It’s a final opportunity for families to get some closure and find healthy ways to grieve.


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