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5 ways for your funeral home to wow families this year

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession

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Today’s society is more connected than ever. We tweet about what we’re watching on TV. We share pictures of our food on Facebook. We like, snap, post, tweet, and share just about everything.

It stems from our desire to connect and stay connected. We live in a culture that values experiences — from little things like what our lunch looked like on Tuesday to big events like the birth of a child. It’s all about sharing the story of who we are.

These changes are reflected in all aspects of our society — and we’re beginning to see it in the funeral profession too.

Baby Boomers — the generation defined by breaking away from the status quo — are redefining the funeral experience. They want their funerals to be a personal, unique event. The closing chapter in the story of their life.

And funeral professionals need to start focusing on Millennials too. They’re now the largest generation and, more importantly, they could end up planning their parents’ funerals. Which means your funeral home needs to interact with them in ways they feel comfortable.

Below you’ll find five simple ways in which you can use technology and personalization to attract, connect, and keep new client families.

Social Media

Let’s start with the place many families already spend a lot of their time. The average American spends about an hour each day on Facebook alone. That makes it a great place to engage new and current families.

Just look at what this local Pennsylvania business is doing:

Franktuary is a small hot dog shop. You might think, “what does a hot dog shop need social media for? They just sell hot dogs.” Well, Franktuary has been doing an excellent job at listening to and engaging with their audience through social media.

One example is their #TuesdayTrivia series. Each week, the company uses the hashtag to answer questions and provide a behind-the-scenes look at their business. It’s led to a loyal and large following.

While hot dogs and funerals are two entirely different things, the core concept is the same. Social media isn’t about selling, it’s about the experience. Social media allows your funeral home to share your story and differentiate yourself from competitors. It also allows you to build trust and a positive connection with the community by sharing articles, uplifting stories, and grief resources.

To start developing your social media strategy, check out this article on creating an online community.


When people want to learn more about a business, the first place they turn to is the internet. That initial search will become their first impression of you and your funeral home, and what your funeral home website design looks like can say a lot about you.

It’s important that you wow them with that first impression. A custom, modern website is a good place to start, but there are two other factors you need to consider about your funeral home’s website:

Don’t overlook your opportunity to wow families with a website. It’s a key area that highlights the experience a family will have and how their needs will be met by you.

Unique Selling Point

What unique keepsake or experience can you offer that no other funeral home can? That’s your unique selling point. Most funeral homes offer the same traditional service. That’s why this area is a vital place to wow your families.

Offer them custom register books, prayer cards, or a moving Tribute Video. Pair with local artists to offer custom portraits. Check out this quick article to see how you can identify and implement your own unique selling point.

Life Stories

Remember how we mentioned today’s culture craves connection and wants to share their stories? This is another opportunity to wow your families. Give them a platform on which they can share obituaries, memories, pictures, and more.

If your funeral home already has a Tribute Wall, make sure you’re showing this feature to families. Walk them through the interactive features. Show them how it can be used and shared with others. These social obituaries give families an important outlet for healing, support, and positive connection.

Community Connections

Just like wowing a family with your social media strategy, you can wow families in real life. More than any other business, a funeral home requires trust and strong relationships with the families they serve.

Many funeral homes already do this. They build strong ties by spending time outside the funeral home, putting on events like:

  • Educational programs.
  • Monthly activities for exercise for the elderly.
  • Entertainment events.
  • Community lunches.
  • Annual holiday programs.

Check out this quick guide to help you use Facebook’s Events feature to help connect your funeral home to the community.

Focus on these five areas, and you’ll easily start wowing and connecting with your families in no time.


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