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60 Seconds to Install Google Analytics

by | May 8, 2014 | Funeral Home Websites

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On Tuesday, we showed you a few of the different things that Google Analytics can teach you about your customers. Hopefully, you’re excited about the potential that website analytics data has for your funeral home and your overall business. Because today, we’re going to cover two different strategies for installing the program.

General Website Installation Instructions

Note, if you have a Frazer-powered website, scroll down to the next section.

To get started with Google Analytics, you need a Google account. Once that’s set up, head to, click the “Create an Account” button and enter your information into the prompts provided.

Once you’re inside, click on the “Admin” tab and then select the drop-down menu in the “Account” column. Click on “Create new account” and select the “Website” option. Enter a name for your website, your URL, your industry category and your reporting time zone. Select your preferred data sharing settings and click “Get Tracking ID.”

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You will be prompted to accept the terms of service and will then be taken to your tracking code information. This piece of code will need to be added to every page you want to track data from, immediately before the </head> tag.

Alternatively, if your website runs on a different CMS like WordPress or Joomla, you can simplify the process by installing a third-party plugin that will add your Google Analytics tracking code to every page of your website. As an example, the Google Analytics plugin by Yoast SEO for the WordPress platform will allow you to connect and authenticate your Google Analytics account on your website.

Frazer-Powered Website Instructions

If you have a website from Frazer Consultants, the installation process is even easier. You still need to create a Google account and follow the instructions above to set up a Google Analytics account. However, you don’t need to worry at all about messing with the code on your individual web pages.

Instead, log in to your Google Analytics account, navigate to the “Admin” section and find the Tracking ID number formatted like this: UA-XXXXXXX-X. Take that code, log in to the backend of your Frazer funeral home website and enter it into the “Settings” tab located under the “Website Manager” menu.

Once you’ve added your Google Analytics tracking code to your site using this method, data will automatically be gathered from all of your website’s pages, no matter how many you add in the future. All of the data generated is in your Google Analytics account. You can use it to improve your funeral home website or to structure your overall marketing initiatives.

Need help with this process? If you’re a Frazer website customer, give us a call at 866-372-9372. We’re happy to help walk you through the steps needed to start benefiting from all the actionable data found in Google Analytics!


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