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7 Articles About Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

by | May 8, 2018 | For Families

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On Mother’s Day, most of us set aside time to celebrate motherhood and show our appreciation of all that mothers do. For many, however, the day is meant as a time for reflection. A time to honor the memory of a mother who is no longer with us.

For some, this will be their first Mother’s Day without their mom. It will be a poignant reminder of what’s missing. To help those grieving, we wanted to share this collection of articles on healing, hope, and remembering mom.

10 Things That Happen When You Grieve The Loss of Your Mom by Katie Karambelas

After Katie Karambelas lost her mother to cancer, she took time to reflect on the millions of different ways her life was forever changed. She shares her list of 10 significant things she learned when coping with one of the hardest losses out there — the loss of a parent.

Highlight: “Losing a parent means you’ve joined a club with people who understand that just walking out the front door with your shoes on and your hair washed can be a challenge.”

Learn How Adult Daughters May Be Affected by Their Mother Dying by Patricia Taub

Author Patricia Taub takes a critical approach to the loss of a mother. She examines the importance of the mother-daughter bond, and how it’s impacted by loss. She also brings up ways to cope with the loss of a mother and how we can learn more about our moms through memories.

Highlight: “Clues to a mother’s true narrative can be found by listening attentively to stories told at the funeral, studying her letters and personal writings, and reviewing her choice of reading materials and entries in her calendar. Even the contents of her closet can help to fill in the gaps of her life.”

The Unmothered by Ruth Margalit

Ruth Margalit looks back on memories of her mother as Mother’s Day nears. She talks about the moments of grief she felt. Both the anticipatory grief she felt when learning about her mother’s cancer diagnosis and the delayed state of grief after she passed.

Highlight: “This Mother’s Day, three and a half years after she died, I find myself turning over her question in my mind. And what about those who don’t have a mother?”

What Mother’s Day Feels Like When You’ve Lost Your Mom by Rebecca Soffer

Rebecca Soffer lost her mother unexpectedly in a car accident. It’s been 10 years since her loss, and she looks back on how she’s spent each Mother’s Day since then.

Highlight: “Over the last 10 years, each Mother’s Day has been different for me. Not only because I’ve experienced different aspects of grief but also because I’ve moved through different stages of life, from single to dating to married, to losing my dad, and later to becoming a mother to two little kids.”

Living with Mom’s Death by Peter Gerstenzang

Peter Gerstenzang shares what it’s like for a son to grieve the loss of a mother, and how society often influences how men think they should grieve — even if it’s not necessarily how they feel. He shares the story of how eventually he learned to express his grief openly.

Highlight: “Men love attention for hitting homers or barbecuing brilliantly. But suggesting you’re deeply sad over losing your mom? Iron John Movement be damned! It wasn’t going to happen.”

500 Words That Describe What It Feels Like to Lose Your Mother by Jenna Rose Lowthert

The author shares a list of words, phrases, thoughts, and emotions that are all associated with the loss of a mother.

Highlight: “The love she had for you will always outweigh her death. She didn’t leave you because she wanted to; she left because there were other plans for her, and she was greater than this world.”

How to Memorialize Mom This Mother’s Day by Frazer Consultants

We recognize that Mother’s Day is a tough time of year for those grieving the loss of their mom. So we’ve compiled a list of special ways to memorialize and honor the memory of moms everywhere.

Highlight: “Whether it’s through visiting her favorite place or baking her favorite dish, there are many ways to pay tribute to mom.”

How do you plan on commemorating Mother’s Day this year? Share your ideas with us in the comments sections!

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  1. Katie Karambelas

    Thank you for including me in this. Readers are welcome to read more of my loss journey on my blog:
    I share quite a bit of essays on my blog about coping with these past 2 years.


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