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9 Reasons Why Families Are Thankful For Funeral Directors

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Funeral Profession

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During Thanksgiving, as you spend time reflecting on everything in your life for which you are thankful, we hope you also recognize all the reasons why families are so thankful for you, your service to your community, and your sacrifice in helping people through the most difficult of times.

We’ve read hundreds of testimonials written by families for the funeral directors that helped them by planning a special funeral service for their loved one and assisting them in finding hope amongst grief.

Below are the most common reasons why families are thankful for funeral directors, amongst the testimonials that we’ve read.

1. Your Ability to Plan a Heartfelt and Beautiful Event, No Matter the Family’s Wishes

Each and every family you work with has a different expectation for their loved one’s service. Some may find comfort in a traditional, religious ceremony, while others prefer a more unique celebration of life. You understand it is all about providing the best possible experience for each family, and you love being there to meet their needs.

“Thank you for allowing me to deviate from the ‘norm,’ as you know it was a very different funeral!”

“The entire staff was courteous, compassionate and professional throughout the entire process. The funeral itself was beautiful and would have definitely met with our mother’s approval.”

2. You Manage Every Detail with Professionalism and Grace

As a funeral director, you are often one of the first faces that families see after their loved one passes. You greet them with professional care and compassion, ensuring all details of their loved one’s service are handled so the family can focus on their own grief journey.

“I appreciated very much the kind help that you and your staff provided to me and my family during a very difficult time. You took care of every detail with professionalism and grace.”

“Thank you for your professional and kind help in handling the arrangements for our brother. We appreciated the fact that everything was explained, and guiding us through the process helped while grieving.”

3. Your Gift for Helping People Find Hope

It takes a special person to be able to help people find the light at the end of the tunnel after they lose a loved one. YOU have that gift, and families appreciate your ability to help them see hope during a time that is shadowed by shock, sadness, grief, and uncertainty.

“Thank you for capturing the essence of who she was; a kind, gentle woman who lived her life to help others. You have a special gift for bringing out the best features of the individuals under your care. We are honored that you utilized your gift to bring out the best features in our mother/grandmother.”

“I’ve known [funeral director] for many years and I know that God called him to this vocation of supporting those who grieve; he has a special gift.”

4. Your Sincere Compassion During Their Time of Need

If you are like most funeral directors, you joined the funeral profession because you are inherently a compassionate person with an unrivaled ability to feel others’ pain and help them through grief. You sincerely care about the families you serve, and trust us, this does not go unnoticed.

“Thank you for all the calls of concern and for the compassion and professionalism with the service. Your kindness is appreciated.”

“I wanted to personally thank you for your kind words, support, and guidance. I can only begin to imagine how big your hearts must be to embrace such sorrow on a daily basis. Great compassion gifts your family and I am honored to have been touched by your kindness. You’ll forever be in our thoughts and prayers.”

5. You Don’t Stop Providing Grief Support and Resources After the Service is Over

It’s one thing to provide exemplary service while working with a family to plan details of their loved one’s funeral. But you don’t stop there. You love that once a client family walks through your doors and enters your life, they are in your heart forever. You enjoy following up with them after the service because you truly care about your family’s wellbeing, and you genuinely wish to support their journey through grief and healing.

“[Funeral Director] did an exceptional job in helping our family through 2 funerals in 10 days. His attention to detail, professionalism, and empathy helped us to get through this difficult time. He has also made several calls & sent notes after the funeral that has meant a lot to us as well. [His] service is exemplary!”

“It was very hard for us, losing our son. Through it all, [Funeral Director] was great. We knew he was busy a lot, but he always made time for us. [He] started out as a funeral director and ended up a friend. Everything was special.”

6. Your Willingness to Personalize a Funeral to Reflect the Loved One’s Personality

No two people are the same, and you know how important personalizing a funeral service is to the family. A personalized service honors the departed and brings solace to bereaved loved ones. In every meeting, you listen to the family, you take notes, and you know just what to ask to help plan a service as unique as the person who died, reflecting favorite hobbies, passions, and interests.

“[Funeral Director], I wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my sister’s funeral. It honored [my sister] in a beautiful way….just like her.”

“On behalf of our family, I thank you for the exceptional, professional services in the handling of our mother’s funeral arrangements. We were very pleased with everything. The way mom looked in her rested state, preparations for the funeral and prayer services, the creation of the obituary and memorial card and all the other extras that were necessary.”

7. Your Ability to Anticipate Concerns and Wishes

Sometimes when a family has suffered a loss, they may be unable to articulate their wishes, expectations, and concerns. As a funeral director, you do a stellar job of anticipating their needs, and families appreciate this more than you know.

“[Funeral Director] was very professional and helpful. Our every concern was addressed immediately and it seemed like he anticipated concerns before I could bring them up. It was one less thing the family had to worry about.”

“Everything from the first phone call to when we left at the end was perfect. The staff was like our family and did everything possible for us at a time where we couldn’t even think for ourselves. The funeral home was perfect in every way.”

“I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the support and direction you gave our entire family in dealing with dad’s funeral. You were so good at explaining everything and even to my brothers children. And thought of all our needs. We are so blessed that mom and us kids had all of you to guide us.”

8. You Help Make Pre-arranging a Funeral Easy and Comfortable

Let’s be honest, no one likes thinking about their own death. Given society’s stigma surrounding death, planning the finer details of one’s own funeral may leave many feeling uneasy. As a funeral director, you have a special gift for making that discussion more comfortable. After all, pre-planning is beneficial for every party involvedthe pre-arranger knows they will leave their family in good hands, and the surviving family members won’t be left with such a financial burden on top of their grief.

“Thank you for making our pre-arrangements so easy. It’s nice to know our son and daughter won’t have to worry about a thing.”

9. You Put the Family at Ease From the First Call to the Last Goodbye

Many families have preconceived ideas of funeral homes. They may assume based on what they’ve seen on TV or in movies that funeral homes and funeral directors are dark and depressing. Whatever a family may be feeling when they step into your funeral home, you immediately put them at ease with your kindness, compassion, and professionalism.

“There are no words to express our appreciation for all you did for [our family]. I admired every aspect of the funeral, from our first call, the attention to detail, the warmth and compassion, your professionalism and that of your staff right down to the last pallbearer. From my family to yours an everlasting thanks.”

“My personal thanks to you and the entire staff that handled our Mom’s recent passing. From the first call, through the planning process and the final committal, the [Funeral Home] team provided courteous and professional services to our family.”

From the bottom of our hearts, Frazer Consultants thanks you. It truly does take a special person to do what you do. We hope you have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving!


  1. Thomas Jameson

    It’s good to know that funeral directors can help you make the conversation about planning a funeral more comfortable. My grandma recently passed away, and my family’s been unable to properly plan a funeral through the grief. We’ll be sure to look into our options for funeral directors to help us be at ease during the planning process.

  2. Tyson Coolidge

    It’s wonderful that a funeral director will be able to help pre-arrange a funeral to make the process easier for the family. My grandpa is getting sick, and will likely pass away soon. We’ll be sure to look into our options for pre-arranging his funeral to lighten our burden.

  3. Mike Sanders

    It’s awesome that funeral directors can follow up with you after the funeral so that you know that they truly care. My family has been working on planning my grandma’s funeral recently, and we want to make sure that everything goes well. We’ll be sure to look into our options for funeral directors who can help us with this.


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