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Apart of Me: A New Perspective on Helping Children Grieve

by | Aug 15, 2017 | For Families

Child grieving

It’s difficult for children to mourn a loss, but the game Apart of Me is trying to change that.

The digital children’s grief game, designed by experts in child bereavement and family psychology, helps families talk about death. The experts at Bounce Works: Digital Design for Wellbeing created it to help families grieve and memorialize their loved one.

Let’s explore what this grief game is all about and how it helps families grieve.

What Is the Game About?

Apart of Me is a safe place for children to grieve and create a virtual tribute for their loved one.

While on their grief journey, the game helps children:

  • Learn more about death and healthy ways to cope.
  • Create a place to save memories with their loved one.
  • Relate and connect with other users going through a similar situation.
  • Talk with their family about death and how they’re feeling.

How Does It Work?

Through quests, recorded memories, user stories and other features, families work through grief together while memorializing their loved one. It’s an educational and engaging, yet comforting and playful way for children to cope with grief and loss.

The different game features designed so far include:

The Cave

This feature is where you can listen and relate to users’ stories from around the world.


Through completing quests, users can record digital memories to save in their own treasure chest. A new quest arrives at the island every day by bottle and users can view their memories whenever they wish.

The Waterpool

At the Waterpool, users learn mindful meditation exercises to help them through their grief journey.

The Big Question

Here, users learn about the meaning of death and what happens when we die.

How Can Parents Help Their Children Grieve?

The Bounce Works team currently is creating a Parent Companion App and a few other additional game features. With the Parent Companion App, children and parents can go along together on their grief journey. They also can share their story, record life lessons, create memories, and help their children find hope.

The two other features in the works are the Treehouse and Seeds of Hope. The Treehouse is a digital memory box where families save their memories together in either audio, video, or text format. While Seeds of Hope lets users send each other support packages with power-up seeds to grow in your island garden.

To learn more about this game and its creators, check out their website.

Check out this video below to see the game in action.

Apart of Me – Helping families talk about death from Bounce Works on Vimeo.

What do you think about this new grief game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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