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Best Free Stock Photos for Your Funeral Home’s Blog

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing

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When creating a blog post for your funeral home’s blog, don’t forget about one important element: the image.

Not only are images visually appealing and attention-grabbing, they’re also crucial to your blog post’s open rate. Blog posts with images get 94% more views than those that don’t have images, per So your families are more likely to read your blog posts if they have an image.

Luckily, the internet makes it quick and easy to find free high-quality stock photos for your blog posts.

Where to Find Free Stock Photos

There are many free high-quality stock photo sites, such as:


With Unsplash, you can create an account for free or join using your Facebook account. There are tons of free stock photos to sift through; categorized by specific collections, topics, and image styles. Plus, they’re all free to use under the Unsplash License.


Reshot also has tons of free stocks photos organized in specific packs, or you can search for the specific topic you’re looking for. And they’re all free to use. You can use the site for free, and soon they’ll be updating the site to let users create accounts.


Pexels organizes their massive selection of photos by popularity, color, topic, and other search criteria. You can sign up for free or sign up with your Facebook account. Like the previous two examples, all the photos are free to use!

Stock Photo Ideas for Your Funeral Home’s Blog

Below are some examples of blog post topics and related stock photos to search for:

Preplanning blog post photo ideas:

  • Someone researching on a computer.
  • Family members talking around the dinner table.
  • A businessperson talking with a family.

Grief blog post photo ideas:

  • Someone hugging or comforting someone.
  • Someone with a sad facial expression.
  • A person reflecting while looking out a window.

Memorialization blog post photo ideas:

  • Family members looking through photo albums.
  • Someone leaving flowers on a gravesite.
  • Someone creating a DIY craft.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Stock Photos

When choosing stock photos for your blog posts, keep these suggestions in mind:

  1. Try to avoid using stock photos that include brand logos.
  2. Avoid any photos that someone could find offensive.
  3. Determine a general style for your stock photos to follow so they’re unified with your funeral home’s brand — such as the image colors, tones, and subject matter.
  4. Always choose a main feature photo for your blog post. You also can include photos within your blog post, but only do this if it adds to the content. For example, for a blog post about yoga and grief, adding stock photos of different yoga poses makes sense. But if it’s an article about cell phone use at funerals, adding a stock photo of a cell phone within the blog content wouldn’t add anything and would just be distracting.
  5. Save all your stock photos in a folder on your computer to repurpose for other projects.

What’s your favorite place to find images for your funeral home’s blog? Share them with us in the comments!

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