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Content Ideas and Resources for Your Funeral Home’s Social Media Pages

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing

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You don’t need us to tell you how important it is for your funeral home to be active on social media. From community engagement opportunities to marketing your funeral home, social media can’t be ignored.

Even though you realize the importance, we understand it’s overwhelming to know where to start and what to post. That’s why we’ve come up with some content ideas to help your funeral home start engaging with your families on social media, as well as some helpful resources you can use.

Share Your Obituaries

The easiest way to post frequently on your funeral home’s social media pages is to share your obituaries. Families can engage with this content and share it with their social media followers.

But you can’t just stop there; social media engagement requires more than just sharing obituaries. You need to share content that educates and intrigues your families. Read on to find out more social media content ideas.

Promote Your Upcoming Events

Is your funeral home hosting any seminars? Or how about a holiday remembrance program? By promoting these events on social media, not only does it give you more engaging content to share, but your event also gains more exposure. In just a few quick steps, you can create and promote a Facebook Event for your upcoming event.

Write About Thought-Provoking Topics

Write social media posts about topics that your target families are interested in. This could be holiday grief, memorialization ideas, preplanning tips, and other educational and interesting topics. Plus, you can use a social media automation platform to schedule your social media posts ahead of time.

Want some ready-made content? Every month, we create a free social media kit filled with ready-made posts for your funeral home’s social media. Click here to download your free copy!

Post Your Funeral Home’s Blogs

Does your funeral home have a blog? If not, check out this video on why blogging is important for your funeral home. If you do, make sure that you share your blog posts to your social media pages. Just include the link and a short description in your social media automation platform and you’re good to go.

Share Blogs and Articles from Funeral Professionals

Another social media content idea is to share articles from funeral professionals. Just make sure that you credit the original source.

For example, our For Families blog category is filled with blog posts about a variety of topics like grief, memorialization, funeral planning, death-related myths, and many other topics. These blog posts are perfect for your funeral home to share with your current and potential client families on your social media pages.

Below are a few examples of our For Families blogs:


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