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Creating Meaningful Mementos with Tribute Center

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Funeral Personalization, Funeral Technology

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Mementos are more than just objects. They’re physical reminders of a loved one that can be held close to your heart. They help people cope with grief and honor their loved one’s memory.

With how much meaning mementos have, they should be anything but ordinary. Every life is unique, so everyone deserves a personalized memento.

Tribute Center lets your funeral home offer just that. You can easily create meaningful mementos that are personalized to a family’s loved one. Plus, if your funeral home has a Frazer-powered website, Tribute Center integrates with it to save you time.

Below is a breakdown of Tribute Center’s features.

Tribute Center Mementos

Tribute Center has more than 500 customizable stationery themes, preloaded verses, and stylized text to create meaningful memorial products and mementos. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create personalized tributes for your families. It also saves your information to avoid re-entering data when creating memorial products.

For example, you can create and print funeral register books, memorial folders, tri-fold programs, thank-you cards, and many more funeral stationery products for the service. You also can create meaningful mementos, such as Life Journey Candles, bookmarks, and prayer cards.

An easy way to promote this feature to your families is to give them a free sample as a gift. You could give it to the family after the funeral or at your funeral home’s remembrance event.

Tribute Videos

Tribute Center also has a feature for creating Tribute Videos of a loved one’s life. You can use the family’s photos, music, and cinematic features to create a stunning tribute. With nearly 20 video intros and endings, almost 400 licensed songs, 850 high-quality stock video clips, and more than 500 themes for DVD packaging, every Tribute Video can tell a unique life story.

Tribute eGuest

Tribute eGuest — our digital register book — allows your funeral home to adapt to technology while still maintaining tradition. You can view and create digital register books from the easy-to-use Tribute eGuest dashboard. It integrates with Tribute Center so you can print keepsake guestbooks, create customized thank-you cards and mailing labels with the guest information, and much more!


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