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Creating Personalized Funeral Register Books

by | Jun 27, 2012 | Funeral Personalization

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Funeral register books provide a record of visitors and families use them for thank-you cards. But, done right, they also can make wonderful keepsakes.

Families rely on funeral professionals to create a memorable celebration of the departed. And one thing families want for funerals today is customized funeral register books.

Traditionally, client families had few options and funeral professionals had to carry and keep track of inventory. But today, funeral professionals have the ability to truly customize funeral register books like never before.

Personalized Funeral Register Books With Tribute Center

With software like Tribute Center, you can easily create funeral register books to reflect different hobbies and interests. Tribute Center boasts a selection of more than 500 themes to choose from! Once a theme is selected, simply use your funeral home’s printer and blank paper stock that you order as needed.

The result is a fully custom funeral register book that sets the tone from the moment guests arrive. Reminders of their loved one through photographs and imagery that recall his or her interests bring a sense of comfort.

By utilizing the themes and images in the register book and other funeral stationery, you can truly celebrate the departed.

High-Quality Keepsakes From Frazer Consultants

In addition to making it easy to customize the pages, Frazer Consultants also sells a variety of register books. Register book covers are available in a variety of colors and fabrics, and you can order in any mix.

Frazer Consultants also offers premium funeral register books that come with matching bookshelf keepsake boxes. Additionally, you can include a photograph of the person who passed away on the cover for the perfect touch.

The register book keepsake box provides a beautiful way for families to display their book long after the service. The keepsake box will not only protect but will preserve the book as it is stored in a prominent place on a bookshelf or on a coffee table.

So what are you waiting for? Make your funeral home stand apart from the rest. By offering the most personalization possibilities, you’ll grow your business while exceeding the expectations of your client families.

If you feel intimidated by technology, don’t worry — Tribute Center is amazingly easy to use. After a few times, you’ll be a pro at creating the most personalized funeral register books and stationery.

Download Tribute Center for free to create register books and other memorial keepsakes for the families you serve!

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  1. Carmen

    I would like information on creating register books in my funeral home. Can you please send me some pricing and information?
    Thank you,
    Carmen Cozart
    Funeral Director


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