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Do You Know All the Features of Your Frazer-Powered Website?

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Home Websites

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Having a funeral home website isn’t just about having an online presence. If done right, your funeral home’s website can become more than just a website and be a business solution.

With a Frazer-powered website, your website can accomplish so much more for both your funeral home and client families. While the website design is important, a website is about more than looks. In addition to a responsive design to beautifully display your website content, it also comes with many other features to make funeral planning even easier.

All-In-One Payment Platform Tribute Pay

Since funeral directors are constantly full of ideas but strapped for time, we’re doing everything we can to help. If you’re not using the features below that come free with your Frazer-powered website, now is the time to start! For many of these, it’s as simple as turning the feature on and letting it do the work for you.

Some families may feel more comfortable making the funeral payments from the comfort of their own home. With Tribute Pay, you can offer your families an all-in-one online payment solution. Now, they can feel at ease as they conveniently pay online with their credit card or by eCheck.

If a family has more specific funeral payment needs, you can present multiple solutions with Tribute Pay. Maybe they need more time to pay or don’t want to deplete their savings, so they’d benefit from a loan. Or, maybe they have a life insurance policy they want to use as funeral payment. Or, maybe they’re interested in setting up a crowdfunding campaign to reach out to their community for support.

With Tribute Pay, all of these solutions are made possible and easier than ever. It only takes a few minutes for your funeral home to enroll in Tribute Pay, and then, you can simply activate Tribute Pay’s other features.

Revenue-Generating Tribute Store

With Tribute Store, you can turn your website’s obituary traffic into a consistent source of revenue for your funeral home. It makes the flower ordering process easier for your funeral home, families, and local florists.

By letting families easily place flower orders directly on a loved one’s obituary, it benefits everyone involved. Families are relieved of stress, your funeral home gains additional website traffic and an extra source of revenue, and your local florists see more business.

It’s also less work for your funeral home because we handle maintaining the website and providing customer support. This way, your funeral home’s staff can focus on helping your families and using that extra revenue to conquer that project you put on the backburner.

Informative Website Statistics

One of the lesser-known features of a Frazer-powered website is the website statistics feature. With this tool, your funeral home can gain valuable insight into who is visiting your website. For example, you can see a general overview of your frequent website visitors versus new visitors, the most popular Tribute Walls and obituaries, obituaries shared on social media, and much more. With this vital information, your funeral home can gain new leads, which brings us to the next feature.

Innovative Lead Generation Tools

With website forms, such as the contact us and preplanning forms, your funeral home can step up your lead generation techniques. In return for the information you’re offering, your funeral home receives their contact information for additional marketing efforts. Whether it’s answering their funeral questions or helping them preplan, these forms make that process even easier.

Inspirational Aftercare Resources

Your website also is a valuable aftercare solution. With your Frazer-powered website, families can easily sign up for the free grief email subscription 365 Days of Healing. When signing up for this subscription, subscribers receive a daily inspirational email during year one of grief. In turn, your funeral home receives their contact information for even more aftercare efforts, such as inviting them to any events you host or support groups you organize.

Smart Integrations with the Top Funeral Software 

Frazer-powered funeral home websites have smart integrations to eliminate double data entry and other time-consuming tasks. If you’re entering data more than once into different software programs, it can lead to fatigue, errors, and wasted time — and we know time equals money. 

That’s why Frazer websites integrate with the top answering services and data management software, in addition to our all-in-one personalization suite Tribute Center. This way, you only have to enter the deceased’s information once and can create an endless amount of memorial products. 

Family and friends also can easily share their loved one’s obituary on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a thoughtful feature to help make things a little easier for those who are grieving a loss. It not only helps spread the word about their loved one’s passing, but it also lets them express their grief and honor their loved one’s memory. 

Educational Resources

By having educational resources on your funeral home’s website, you can save your employees from repeatedly answering the same questions. For example, Frazer websites come with an FAQ page to help answer families’ recurring questions. From what to wear to a funeral to burial types, they’ll appreciate this helpful information. 

There are many other online resources you can offer to answer families’ questions without taking up your staff’s time, such as by:  

  • Starting a blog on your website 
  • Sharing links to grief resources 
  • Creating inspirational infographics 
  • Including details about your funeral home’s products, services, and prices

Then, when a family calls your funeral home, they already have a basic understanding of your offerings and you don’t have to start from the beginning. 

Other Frazer-Powered Website Features

Additionally, your Frazer-powered website comes with many more innovative features, including a Text Directions feature. Families can have once less thing to worry about when attending the funeral, as they’ll receive the directions to the funeral location on their phones.

All Frazer-powered website also are SSL-secured, meaning that they have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to protect your information. Not only does this protect your information, but it’s also good for your funeral home website’s search engine optimization and search engine results page ranking. 


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