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7 Fall Community Involvement Ideas for Your Funeral Home

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Funeral Profession

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Does your funeral home want to get involved but doesn’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with these fall community involvement ideas for engaging with your community.

By getting involved, you can further show your commitment to serving your community. Not only is it a great feeling to help others, but community involvement also is a great way to get to know your community members better.

For example, this funeral home started a shuttle service so elderly community members can attend their events. Understandably, something on this large of a scale might not be possible for all funeral homes. However, not all community involvement ideas have to take up a lot of time and planning.

From hosting events to other meaningful ideas, below are some fall-themed community involvement ideas to get your funeral home started!

1. Partner with Your Local Cemetery for a Movie Night

Embrace the spooky mood of the season by partnering with a local cemetery for an outdoor movie night. By partnering for the event, you can pool your resources together.

Provide guests with Halloween-themed snacks and watch some classic Halloween movies. You’ll also need a projector and movie screen — which you can purchase or go the DIY route.

2. Host a Thanksgiving Meal at Your Local Nursing Home

Many nursing home residents may not have family in the area to share a Thanksgiving meal with. And oftentimes, it’s too difficult for families to travel for both Thanksgiving and the December holiday season.

To prevent them from feeling lonely, host a Thanksgiving meal at your local nursing home. You can even partner with the nursing home to plan the event together. It also opens the door for more collaboration opportunities in the future.

3. Participate in a Local Walk/Run for a Cause

Show your support for an important cause by participating in a local walk/run event. Don’t forget to take a group photo of your staff at the race to share on your funeral home’s social media pages.

For example, the Frazer team will be participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this fall. This is an important cause to me since my grandma passed away from Alzheimer’s about two years ago. By participating in the race, I can honor her life while also raising awareness.

4. Organize a Fall-Themed Preplanning Event

Similar to a “pizza and preplan” event, educate your families about preplanning while indulging in some delicious treats. Having comfort food around will make discussing preplanning a little easier for families. For example, you can make some pumpkin pie and serve hot cocoa. You also can bring out your deck of the Have the Talk of a Lifetime cards to get the conversations going.

Then, invite families to schedule an appointment with your funeral home when they’re ready to put their arrangements in place. Or, if you have a Frazer-powered website, families can easily begin this process themselves with the convenient online preplanning tool.

5. Plan a Community Nature Hike

Being out in nature helps lift our spirits, especially for those who are grieving a loss. To help spread some joy, organize a community nature hike on a local trail. This is great way to get to know your community members better. Fall also is the perfect time to go for a hike and take in all the beautiful foliage.

6. Help Elderly Community Members Rake Leaves

Help your community’s senior citizens with their household chores, such as raking their leaves. This is a simple, yet kind gesture that they’ll appreciate. After you’re done, drink some apple cider together and listen to their life stories.

7. Donate Winter Clothing

Start a winter clothing drive and encourage your community members to drop off winter clothing items at your funeral home. By starting it in the fall, you can make sure that everyone in need has warm clothing before winter arrives.

How is your funeral home getting involved this fall? Share your community involvement ideas with us in the comments!


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