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Floral Arrangements for Unique Funeral Themes

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Funeral Flowers

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As you know, families want their funeral services to be personalized experiences. One easy way for your funeral home to add a personalized touch to the funeral is with the floral arrangements.

Depending on the families’ funeral theme, you can find several beautifully fitting floral arrangements to go with it.

Below are some examples of funeral theme and flower pairings to get you inspired!

Note, the floral arrangements below are from the Frazer Flower Network.

Seasonal Funeral Themes

If the family wants a seasonal funeral theme — whether it’s the current season or their loved one’s favorite season — you can find matching floral arrangements.

For example, these are some flowers that are perfect for a spring-themed funeral service:

For more spring floral arrangement ideas, check out this article!

Fond Memories — This charming mix of pink roses, white lilies, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, and greenery is a beautiful reminder of a loved one.
Heartwarming — This colorful wreath arranged with a mix of roses, lilies, and Bells of Ireland fills the room with a sense of warmth.

Colored-Based Funeral Themes

If the family wants the funeral to have elements with their loved one’s favorite color, the flowers are a great way to do that.

For example, these are some flowers for a purple-themed funeral service:

Elegance and Simplicity — This standing spray of purple liatris, snapdragons, and various flowers is a simply beautiful tribute to a loved one.
The Color of Memories Table Arrangement — This mix of pink and purple shades of gladiolus, larkspur, and various other flowers evokes fond memories.

Love Funeral Themes

Whether it was a family member, spouse, or friend who passed away, their loved ones can honor their life and show their eternal love with a funeral service centered around love.

For example, these are some floral arrangements to convey feelings of love:

Eternal Love — This heart-shaped wreath is a classic expression of love with red carnations and roses.
Love All Around — This arrangement of red roses and minimal greenery is a heartfelt way to show true love.

Hobby-Based Themes

If a loved one was passionate about a certain hobby, their family may want the funeral to reflect that.

For example, if the deceased was an avid volleyball player, these are some flower ideas:

Continuum Wreath — A wreath symbolic of continuous love arranged with yellow roses and carnations in beds of greenery.
Purity — A traditional wreath with delicately placed white lilies, white roses, and white chrysanthemums among assorted greenery creates an image of everlasting peacefulness.

Profession-Based Themes

For a loved one who was devoted to their profession, having a funeral service revolving around their love for their profession is a meaningful way to honor their memory.

For example, these are some flowers to pay tribute to a health professional:

Heavenly Harmony Cross — This cross of white daisies, lilies, and roses is a powerful memory of a loved one.
Calm Waters — This stunning funeral arrangement is a mix of white roses and Oriental lilies with blue hydrangeas to create a sense of peace.

For more tips on choosing the right funeral flowers, check out this funeral flowers infographic!


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