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Funeral Stationery Trends That Matter to Families

by | May 3, 2016 | Funeral Personalization, Funeral Profession

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Today’s families are less concerned with “traditional” funeral services and rituals than ever before. The most important components of the modern funeral are personalization and affordability.

Baby Boomers have helped to usher in a new era of personalization, and that progression is reflected in the way they plan funerals for themselves or their loved ones. A growing number of Baby Boomers favor personalized celebrations over conventional funeral services. Fittingly, this trend is beginning to impact all aspects of the funeral profession and has led to an uptick in demand for custom urns, coffins, and services.

Of course, the appeal of personalized products and services isn’t limited to Baby Boomers; personalization is fast becoming a priority for families across all demographics. Families want to plan a service or memorial that serves as a reminder of their loved one’s unique life and passions.

To remain connected to the desires and interests of the families they serve, modern funeral homes should offer a host of personalization options. Of course, to remain appealing to families, these options need to be affordable as well. Personalization should­n’t necessarily translate to higher costs. Your funeral home should be able to provide high-quality customization without high costs for your business or families.

What’s a simple way to achieve the best of both worlds?

All-In-One Solution

Funeral stationery is an expected component of most services, but it conveniently allows for unlimited personalization options. With the right stationery, families can honor and remember their loved ones in a completely unique and beautiful way.

An all-in-one creative suite is a powerful way to introduce both affordability and customization into your funeral home’s stationery. Upscale creative suites save you both money and time without sacrificing the quality that your families have come to expect from your funeral home.

Saving Money

Creative suites allow families to choose the type of stationery they like and offer input and feedback. Then, you get to print in-house. No more minimum orders. No more unused inventory sitting in your funeral home collecting dust. By only printing what you need, you can save a great deal of money — and when you save, you can pass the savings on to your families as well.

Saving Time

Personalized products shouldn’t mean your funeral home is burdened with more work than they can handle. All-in-one creative suites often come with custom themes and designs and are easily and quickly utilized by all staff members. You can create complete sets of cards, register books, bookmarks, and programs with a few clicks of a mouse.

Tribute Center’s Funeral Stationery

Frazer Consultants Tribute Center has more than 500 themes, layout options, and styled text messages for your funeral stationery needs. The level of customization was designed to tell your family’s unique story. The stationery can easily be printed on site, with personalized perforated stock paper.


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