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Funerals and Instagram: A look at the funeral hashtags

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Funeral Home Marketing

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In today’s society, it’s not at all uncommon to see every piece of a person’s life shared on social media.

Though some people keep to themselves, some bare all — even when it comes to funerals. We decided to research some of the funeral-related posts on Instagram by searching the hashtags #funeral and #funeraldirector.

Here’s what we found:

People who use the #funeral hashtag typically aren’t funeral professionals. They are an audience of people who are attending a funeral, writing about funerals, or reflecting on someone they’ve recently lost.

The top shares for this hashtag that were relevant were, in order:

  • Flowers at the service.
  • Reflections on those lost and death in a broader sense.
  • Unique funeral customs or practices.
  • Cemeteries and funeral homes.
  • Famous deaths and funerals.

Because of the visual nature of Instagram, it’s not surprising that most of the posts were of photogenic things like flowers, architecture, and other visually interesting things.

The #funeraldirector hashtag was a bit different than the #funeral hashtag, though they had some similarities. What we found with this hashtag was that it was targeted at more of an audience of funeral directors than other people.

The top shares for this hashtag that were relevant were, in order:

  • Funeral directors at work.
  • Future funeral directors studying or taking their exams.
  • Promotional posts targeted at funeral directors.
  • Inside jokes about the funeral profession.
  • Funeral director fashion.

Of course, there were a few posts for both hashtags that had nothing to do with the profession — like a band, song, or piece of artwork with the word “funeral” in its name. But for the most part, these posts allowed us to gain some insight into how Instagram is used in the world of funerals and funeral directors.

From this insight, we’ve come up with a few tips for those in the funeral profession who want to use Instagram to connect with their audiences:

Use the Right Hashtags

Based on our findings, there appears to be very specific audiences depending on what hashtag you use. The #funeral hashtag is mostly the families that funeral directors serve, while the #funeraldirector hashtag is geared more toward funeral professionals.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should choose one instead of the other — in fact, it’s a good idea to include both if you want to reach a wider audience. What’s important is that you make sure to include the hashtags that will reach the audience you want.

The best way to do this is to research a few hashtags to see which ones have a lot of posts associated with them and what those posts are like. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

#funeral, #funeraldirector, #funeralhome, #mortuary, #mortician, #mortuaryschool, #funeralservice, #funeralattire, #funeralflowers, #funeraria, #mortuaryscience, #mortuarylife, #mortuarycollege

When you make a post, just be conscious of what hashtags your intended audience might use to look for your content.

Be Respectful

It’s usually okay to take pictures of objects at a funeral like flowers or other decorations, but it’s best to take those pictures before the service begins or check with the family first. You may want to show off some of the services you’ve put together to attract future client families, but some families will see this as disrespectful.

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid taking pictures of the deceased — even if they are covered — as well as their family members. Just ask this funeral director, who landed in hot water after taking a selfie with occupied hearses and coffins in the background.

Don’t Be Afraid

While there is definitely a wrong way to use Instagram as a funeral director, there are plenty of ways to do it correctly and reap the benefits.

Some posts that might work well for you include taking photos of the inside of your funeral home to show off its interior design, pictures of different remembrance items you offer, behind-the-scenes photos of what it’s like to work in a funeral home, and more.


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