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Giving the Gift of a Memory

by | Feb 1, 2011 | For Families

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There are many gifts you can give to a person who has lost a loved one, but none is as precious as the gift of a memory. As time passes after the loss, the main link to remember the loved one is memories. Thus, giving the bereaved something that helps keep their loved one’s spirit and memory alive can be invaluable. Here are some gift ideas for the family.

1. Something Created by the Deceased

You may come across a letter or card that was written by the deceased or a picture that was painted. These special mementos can be precious to the family, especially if they had not seen the items before.

2. Photographs

Families like to receive photos of their loved ones so they can remember past times. Pictures can be of any age and from any time period or occasion. Examples include a picture with friends, neighbors, colleagues, or perhaps an event, such as a sporting game, wedding, or graduation.

3. Shared Stories

An individual can record stories on a video about their loved one. Alternatively, a whole group can get together to reminisce about the deceased for a video recording. These memories are something that the whole family can enjoy at any time. The stories can be particularly comforting for the family members who had not already heard the stories.

4. A Letter About the Deceased

The letters can come from many sources, such as an old friend, teacher, employer, or someone who knew the deceased well. A simple letter talking about what the deceased meant to the person will show the family how their loved one touched other lives. These letters can be especially valuable to a child who lost his or her parent at a young age. Even if months or years have passed, don’t hesitate to pass on your memory or memento of the deceased loved one. The family will appreciate your kindness and cherish your gift of a precious memory.

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