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How Art Therapy Can Help You Heal from Your Loss

by | Jul 3, 2019 | For Families

Potter working with clay

After the loss of a loved one, therapy can help those who are grieving cope with their sadness and move forward. However, therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Not everyone sees progress with the same kind of therapy, which is why it’s important to know there are many therapy options out there. One, in particular, is art therapy.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that encourages self-expression through various creative mediums such as drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, art therapy is a great way to cope with a loss.

Below we are sharing a few reasons those who are grieving should consider art therapy.

It Provides an Emotional Release

Sometimes it’s too difficult to put your grief into words. Art therapy provides a safe and healthy outlet for you to express yourself and your feelings. Instead of keeping all your pain and sadness bottled up inside, release it through your artwork. You’ll feel a lot better and may have a better understanding of what you’re feeling.

It Makes You Feel Happier

Humans are innately creative beings; we are wired that way. So it makes sense that studies have found that creating art activates our reward pathways, thus making us feel pleasure. This surge of happiness is what makes you feel alive again after experiencing a painful loss.

It Helps You Cope with Trauma

Death by suicide, a fatal illness, or the death of a child are all tragic deaths that are traumatic to surviving loved ones. Art therapy helps people address these past traumas and move forward from them.

It Increases Your Wellbeing

Art therapy has been found to lower symptoms of depression. Along with this, it lowers stress, builds self-esteem, and reduces pain and anxiety.

It Takes Your Mind off of Your Grief

Although you can use art therapy to reflect on and express your grief, it also can promote positive thoughts. Creating art helps you relax and lets you live in the moment instead of constantly thinking of your loss.

Remember, when making art, it’s not about making something that will impress others. It’s about the process and letting your thoughts and emotions run free. Art therapy is inclusive and can help you regardless of your artistic ability.

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