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How Can Your Funeral Home Stand out Among the Competition?

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession

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From your funeral home’s services to the friendliness of your staff, there are many traits of a successful funeral home. But to really stand out among the competition, every funeral home should have something that makes them unique.

One company called Expertise selects what they found to be the “best funeral homes” in some major U.S. cities. So below we’ll discuss these results and how you can use this information to stand out among the competition.

How Expertise Works

First, to determine the experts, Expertise surveys how many businesses are in the chosen city — in this case, how many funeral homes are in the chosen city. Next, they rate them in these five categories: reputation (history of outstanding service), credibility (licenses, awards, etc.), experience (education and craft mastery), availability (approachable and responsive), and professionalism (excellent offline and online experience). Then, they hand-pick the best-rated funeral homes in those categories.

For example, here are a few U.S. cities, among others, that Expertise selected top funeral homes for:

We’d also like to recognize Frazer-powered funeral homes from the above cities that made these “best funeral homes” lists.

How to Stand Out Among the Competition

So how can your funeral home benefit from this information? You can use these five categories to find ways to stand out, as well as provide families with unique funeral experiences. Whether it’s through personalized funerals or your connection with the community, there are many possibilities.

For example, here are a few inspirational ideas that fall into these categories.


  • Create personalized funerals for families’ loved ones. (Check out this article for 11 funeral personalization ideas.)
  • Share your funeral home’s history and create videos or posts for families to meet your staff.
  • Host events to get to know your community.


  • Get more certifications under your belt, such as certified grief counselor. (Check out this article for more certification options.)



  • Let families know your door is always open if they have questions about preplanning, grief resources, or other concerns.
  • Make sure you reply promptly (within 24 hours) to questions and comments on your social media or blog posts.


  • Regularly update your social media and have a professional and easy-to-navigate website.
  • Determine unique ways you can give families the best funeral experience, such as creating a memorial garden.

Of course, the traits of a successful funeral home aren’t limited to these five categories. However, you can use these ideas to set yourself apart from the competition and show families you care about providing them with the best funeral experience for their loved one.


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