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How Integrations Can Save Your Funeral Home Time [Video]

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos


My name is Adam Hovey. I’m a sales consultant here at Frazer Consultants, and one of the biggest things that I think often gets overlooked in the day-to-day ongoings of the funeral home is data entry. As of now, we have direct connections with all the major data management platforms as well as answering services. And what that allows our customers to do is now take a task that before required three, four different times of having to touch certain pieces of information and replicate it into different softwares, you have a single point of data entry where you can enter that information. 

Our goal is, from a cost standpoint, if we can give you ten, fifteen minutes of your day back to really focus in on making that service extra special for your family it really adds up throughout the course of a year. Beside from the time savings, there’s also a lot to go into the actual quality of, you know, having to re-input this data into multiple different softwares when these integrations can actually just do it for you.

It takes all of the human error element out of it and gives you a better standard of quality in terms of the output on each and every case that you’re doing. While I’d love to say we think of all these great ideas and additions to our platform in-house, a lot of it actually comes from our customer base and different questions, concerns we’re hearing from the actual field. And because of that, we’re always open to work with any company, integrate with a new software. 

So if you’re interested in learning more about any of the integration options we have, feel free to reach out and give us a call and we’re happy to help. 

Call us at 866-372-9372 to learn more about our integrations. 


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