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How modern marketing principles apply to funeral homes

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Funeral Home Marketing

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We all know that marketing is important to funeral homes, but are we going about our marketing the right way?

HubSpot, a marketing technology company, and Olive & Co., a marketing design agency, released an infographic today highlighting some important stats about reaching customers. Though their infographic is targeted at marketers, the information is useful to many industries, including the funeral profession.

Let’s look at some of their findings and how they translate to funeral professionals:

Maximizing customer journey satisfaction increases revenue by 15%

We’ve talked about why the whole customer experience matters before in another blog, but this really puts things into perspective. Who wouldn’t love to make 15% more in revenue by doing simple improvements to the customer journey?

Here are a few simple tips for making improvements:

The average number of touchpoints required to convert a quality lead is 6-8

This statistic has a lot of marketing jargon, but simply put it means that a customer (quality lead) needs to encounter your brand (touchpoints) at least 6-8 times before they’ll use your services (convert).

When it comes to marketing, it’s no longer sufficient to just put an ad in the paper or create a TV commercial. You should be using as many different media as makes sense for your audience in order to reach them the 6-8 times necessary to convert them. Here are some options:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google My Business
  • TV ads
  • Newspaper ads
  • Strong social media presence
  • Brochures in hospice centers, nursing homes, and/or hospitals
  • Google Ads
  • Holiday remembrance programs

Brands that use personalization see sales increase by 19%

Personalization is not at all new to the funeral profession — it’s incredibly common now for families to want a unique way to celebrate their loved one. Instead of a basic service, families want to stay as true to their loved one as possible through personalization.

This statistic definitely puts in perspective, though, how important personalization can be to the bottom line. If you’re finding services and products that match your client families’ wants and needs with a more personal touch, you could be making 19% more in sales.

A majority of transactions take place over at least 2 devices

This one may seem a bit far removed from the funeral profession, but it’s actually not. Though transactions are a bit different with funerals than with, say, buying a shirt, the idea that families are using multiple devices to make payments isn’t all that different.

If your families are unable to make payments for your services on your website through desktop or mobile, you’re a bit behind.

Of course, not every statistic mentioned in the infographic is useful to funeral homes. But these four highlight some of the most important modern marketing concepts that funeral directors should keep in mind while they try to reach more client families.

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