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How to Show Families the Meaning of Cremation Funeral Services

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Payment Options, Funeral Personalization

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When it comes to funeral planning, a common misunderstanding is that you can’t have cremation funeral services. However, as funeral directors, you obviously know that this is not the case. So, how can you show families the meaning of cremation funeral services?

With the number of people choosing cremation only continuing to rise, this question is important now more than ever. So, let’s go over some ways that you can show the meaning of having a visitation and funeral with cremation.

Make Sure They Know All Their Options

The first step is making sure families understand their funeral options. If they express interest in cremation, make sure it’s known that they can absolutely have a visitation and funeral. If they’re unsure of their desired end-of-life arrangement, make sure it’s known that they can have a funeral no matter their decision. However, focus on educating them and not persuading them one way or another.

Also, make sure they understand the benefits of their options and the value of a funeral. I believe in having a funeral not only to honor my life but also give my loved ones the opportunity to start their grief journeys together. After almost three years of writing and learning about the funeral profession, I have a better understanding of the value of funerals. However, families may not have this same perspective. By showing families this alternative viewpoint, they can better understand the value funerals have for grief and honoring a life.

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Have Offline and Online Resources

It also may help to create an informational brochure about their options to give them during the arrangement conference. For example, you can list all the funeral options with cremation, such as direct cremation, a visitation before the cremation, and a funeral before or after the cremation. You can even include some funeral personalization examples, with families’ permission.

Additionally, you want to explain this on your funeral home’s website. Oftentimes, families begin funeral planning online and if they don’t know all your options, they may go elsewhere. They may not know having a funeral with cremation is an option, so you can make this known to them. For example, with a Frazer-powered responsive funeral home website, you can present this information in a concise and easy-to-read format. This way, families can find the information they need no matter what device they’re searching from.

Be Open About the Costs of Cremation Funeral Services

When explaining their options, being open about the costs establishes trust. You can have your general price list available to them or give them a general idea of your price ranges. You also can talk about any alternative funeral payment options you offer. However, express that you’re willing to work with them to create the best funeral experience possible. Ultimately, it’s about showing that their best interest is at heart and honoring their loved one’s life.

How does your funeral home market your cremation funeral services? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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