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How to Use Pinterest to Help Funeral Plan and Cope with Grief

by | Oct 17, 2017 | For Families, Funeral Home Marketing

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Pinterest is an excellent tool for planning weddings, parties, and other events, so why not funerals?

We’re now entering a death-positive era — people are more open to discussing death, and families recognize the importance of having these conversations. But the conversations are still not happening.

These Pinterest board ideas can help jumpstart the conversations, as well as help with grief and preplanning.

Pinterest and Grief

Before we jump into funeral planning, let’s go over how Pinterest and grief can go together. Pinterest already has a ton of grief-related pins from quotes and poems to memorial tattoo ideas. So why not take it a step further by creating a grief board?

This way, all your grieving resources are in one organized place that’s easy to find. There even is the option to create secret boards only visible to you if you’d rather keep it private. You can pin grief quotes and poems, tips for coping with grief, grief books, and other grief resources.

You also can pin memorialization ideas such as memorial tattoos, DIY crafts, memorial ideas, and other memento ideas. This is a meaningful way to grieve the loss of your loved one while honoring their memory.

Pinterest and Funeral Planning

Along with finding grief resources, you can find inspiration for a loved one’s funeral service. Like we mentioned above, you can make this board secret if don’t want it to be public.

You also can create group boards where multiple people can add pins and share ideas to a board. There’s also the option to “like” and comment on pins and send pins as private messages. This all could be extremely helpful if several family members are planning a funeral.

To find funeral inspiration, you can explore different profiles, boards, pins, and topics. For example, these are some good topics to follow: funeral, grief, funeral poems, and other funeral-related topics. You also can follow Pinterest users’ profiles, such as our Frazer Consultants profile.

Our profile has a variety of funeral personalization ideas, such as:

  • Funeral themes
  • Stationery themes
  • Quotes and poems
  • Floral arrangements
  • Stylized text for funeral stationery
  • Keepsake ideas
  • Funeral infographics, such as choosing the right funeral flowers

Below are a few examples of our funeral inspiration boards.

A screenshot of Frazer Consulants' Funeral Flowers Pinterest board.
A screenshot of Frazer Consulants' Funeral Personalization Products Pinterest board.
A screenshot of Frazer Consulants' Purple Funeral Inspiration Pinterest board.

Preplanning: Start the Conversation

In addition to planning a loved one’s funeral, Pinterest also is a unique way to plan your own funeral. It’s a fun and engaging way to start the preplanning conversation with your loved ones.

You can create a funeral board or multiple boards dedicated to your funeral wishes. You can even pin other things beyond the funeral, such as possible ash scattering locations or memorial bench locations. Then, you can share your ideas with your loved ones and have your thoughts organized in one spot.

Have you used Pinterest to help with funeral planning or grieving? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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