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How Your Funeral Home Can Make the Most of YouTube

by | May 23, 2017 | Funeral Home Marketing


YouTube has more than two billion users, which is double what it was a few years ago. By creating a YouTube account, your funeral home creates another opportunity to reach more families. Videos visually capture what you’re all about and show how you make a difference in families’ lives.

It’s as simple as recording one of your funeral home’s events. You also can take it to the next level by creating an informational guide about preplanning or coping with grief.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of using YouTube, how to personalize your account, and share some informative and creative video ideas.

Benefits for Your Funeral Home

Videos are an easy way for families to learn more about your funeral home and the services you offer. It’s an opportunity to connect with your community and with others who may not be from the area. Therefore, families get visuals of your funeral home and see how you care about creating meaningful funerals.

Another benefit is that educational videos make valuable resources to give families who are deciding funeral plans or coping with grief. Also, you can even ask families on your social media accounts what topics they want to learn more about. And, behind-the-scenes videos show families you’re down-to-earth and make them feel more connected to your funeral home.

Personalizing Your YouTube Page

To personalize your account, make sure you add a profile picture and cover photo. Your funeral home’s logo is a good profile photo. Your cover photo could be a photo of your funeral home, your employees, something else funeral-related, or another image that matches your funeral home’s brand.

You also should add links to your funeral home’s website and social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram. And make sure to write a brief description about your funeral home that highlights your main services and goals for helping families.

What Videos to Post

From informational guides to DIY mementos, there are many video ideas to show your funeral home’s creativity and credibility. Here are a few ideas we’ve come up with to get started:

Educational Videos:

  • Videos from educational seminars (for those who can’t attend or want to see it again)
  • Informational guides such as preplanning or different funeral service types
  • How to make an emergency ICE book

Personalization Videos:

Just for Fun Videos:

  • Highlights from your funeral home’s community events
  • Behind-the-scenes of your funeral home (such as your lobby and unique features like a coffee station)
  • Meet the staff

Other Video Ideas:

  • Tell your funeral home’s story and history
  • Family testimonials
  • Funeral services (make sure you have the family’s permission)

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Last updated: 10/15/2020


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