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ICCFA 2019: Funeral Home Marketing Tips

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession

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At the 2019 ICCFA Convention sessions, we heard about everything from pet funerals and event planning to cremation and other funeral trends. But one recurring topic that’s extremely important for your funeral home is marketing.

Below are a few of the marketing tips shared at the convention and our thoughts on how your funeral home can put these ideas into action!

Have a Blog on Your Funeral Home’s Website.

A blog is an excellent resource for your client families and community members. It’s a place where your funeral home can establish yourselves as thought leaders by giving insight into important funeral-related topics. Blog posts about topics such as healthy grieving, funeral personalization, and preplanning can help your families make educated decisions about their end-of-life arrangements while turning to your trusted staff as a go-to resource.

However, your funeral home shouldn’t create a blog on any site; it should be on your funeral home’s website. Having the blog on your own website helps your search engine optimization, as it keeps website traffic on your own website. This also makes it easier for families reading your blogs to quickly find information about your funeral home’s products and services.

Share Original Content on Social Media.

Although obituaries are good to share on social media, your funeral home should be sharing more posts than just that. So now that you have this original blog content, don’t just hope that families will stumble upon it! Share your posts on your funeral home’s social media pages for even more views! Some other post ideas are sharing photos from your funeral home’s events, creating engaging infographics, and making videos about your funeral home and staff.

Do you feel like you’re too busy for social media? Let us help! With our social media packages, we’ll post on your funeral home’s behalf. Check out this social media packages article to learn more!

Repurpose Your Content.

Don’t create more work for your already busy schedule! Your blog posts and other types of content can easily be repurposed into other forms of content. People take in content in different ways and seeing something multiple times in different forms can help people retain the information. So don’t be afraid to change up your content.

For example, a blog post about preplanning can be turned into an engaging infographic for people who are visual learners. You also can write a video script about how to preplan a funeral and record one of your staff members explaining the process. Check out this repurposing content article for more ideas!

Interested in learning more marketing tips? Head to our blog!


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