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Marketing Trends You Can Expect to See in 2020

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing

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2020 is only a few weeks away! Have you started planning your marketing strategy for the new year? If not, no worries because our marketing team is going to catch you up to speed on what marketing trends to expect this upcoming year.

By following some of these marketing trends, your funeral home will stand out to more families in your community. Make this the year you revitalize your funeral home’s brand and marketing efforts!

Social Media Trends


For years, brands and influencers alike created curated images of themselves on their Instagram feeds. Users have become tired of this and crave authenticity. That’s why your funeral home should start to show families who you are!

Share things your funeral home is doing in your community. Or, post pictures of your staff at your upcoming holiday party. People want to see your business is made up of caring people, not that you simply know how to make a pretty Instagram grid.


This trend has been around for a few years now, but it will only continue to grow in 2020. Families are interested in seeing videos your funeral home makes. In your videos, you could talk about coping strategies, personalization ideas, or just post a cute video of your grief therapy dog!

You can post your videos to your social media accounts and blog and also include them in your newsletter.

Content Trends

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are a vital part of people’s decision-making process today. Families want to know that other people have had positive experiences with your funeral home. If a family gives you positive feedback, ask them if you can include it in your marketing materials. For instance, you could share their quote on social media, your website, or a blog post.

Unique Voice

Make this year the year you stand out among competitors by creating a voice unique to your funeral home. Creating a style guide is a great way to get started.

Design Trends


Like I said earlier, people want to feel like they can connect with your business. To do this, make your designs more human-centered. For instance, more designers are including hand-drawn elements like typography and doodles into their designs.

Original Photography

Though using stock photos is often necessary, try to incorporate more of your original photography into your design efforts. Have an employee who is good at photography take some pictures of your facility. Or, when you have events, ask families if you can take their photograph. For really professional photos, consider hiring a photographer for a few hours.


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