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NFDA 2017: 5 Exciting Things We Saw on The Expo Floor

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Funeral Profession


This year’s expo was jam-packed with exciting new technologies that make funeral directors’ lives easier and also reinvent the funeral experience for their families. Below we’ve recapped our 5 favorite things we saw at this year’s expo.

ASD Stop Suicide System

ASD’s Suicide Telephone Operator Patch System (STOP) was one of this year’s highlights. In fact, it received the 2017 NFDA Innovation Award.

The STOP System allows ASD operators the ability to seamlessly transfer distressed callers to suicide prevention hotlines. This ensures that callers get the help they need. According to a press release by ASD, the STOP System “was created by ASD with a specific purpose of helping those who are at risk of taking their own life. By linking ASD staff to qualified, suicide prevention operators, we can help ensure that those who are suffering receive immediate counseling, guidance and support.”

Bio-Response Solutions

Bio-Response Solutions’ appearance at the convention highlights the growing alkaline hydrolysis movement. Alkaline hydrolysis, sometimes called bio-cremation, is a relatively new trend. It’s a disposition method that uses water and an alkaline solution, and it’s a greener method than traditional cremation. This disposition method just became legal in California, the 15th state in the U.S. to make it legal.

According to Bio-Response Solutions’ website, “Alkaline hydrolysis offers families the opportunity to contribute to a gentle, greener process. Families can make a lasting contribution to the environment on behalf of their loved one by making a decision that saves energy and reduces pollution. The traditional funeral ceremony and returning of the ashes remains unchanged.”

FFH Design

We’ve talked before about the importance of a funeral home’s interior and exterior design. In fact, it’s something baby boomers have brought up before in a recent study with the Funeral Service Foundation. They felt that funeral homes can be too “cold, dark, formal, and intimidating.”

That’s what Furniture for Funeral Homes (FFH) helps with. Not only do they provide modern furniture and amenities, they also help with remodeling services to give a funeral home a more modern look.

According to their website, FFH’s goal is to provide funeral homes with a “long-lasting, positive effect on their bottom line.  [They] help friends and family to talk more freely, grieve more easily and celebrate more fully, the life of a loved one.”

Tribute Loans

Tribute Loans is the latest feature Frazer Consultants offers to funeral homes and their families. And we couldn’t be more excited. Tribute Loans allow families to apply for funeral financing directly on your funeral home website. It works with multiple lenders across the country to make the lenders compete against each other. This helps ensure families get the best deal possible. On top of that, it provides families with much-needed flexibility when it comes to choosing how they want to honor their loved one. Download our free eBook to learn more!

Bonsai Urn

Did you know nature has a positive effect on grief healing? Studies have shown that nature can improve our happiness, overall wellbeing, and even lower blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and depression. That’s why we’ve long touted the importance of things like memorial gardens and sympathy flowers for your funeral home.

Bonsai Urns at the Expo Floor

And that’s why we were excited to see the Bonsai Urn at the expo. It’s a traditional urn that not only acts as a memorial for a loved one, but also ties in the benefits of nature. It allows you to plant a tree directly inside the urn so that you’ll have a living memory that honors your loved one. Families can choose between a bonsai tree or another small plant. And they’ll have a portable green memorial to take with them wherever they go.

What were some of your favorite things you saw at the expo this year? Share with us in the comments below!


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