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One Simple Way to Serve Your Families Better

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Funeral Home Websites

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Attention, Frazer Consultants website customers! Did you know that there’s one small change you can make to the way you publish your obituaries that’ll cut down on your incoming phone calls and ensure that both guests and floral arrangements wind up in the right place?

When you create a new obituary on your website, don’t just paste the text in and call it a day.  Instead, take a few minutes to set up each individual event — even if the service details are written in to the obituary. Doing so does two things:

  1. First, it lets your families take advantage of Frazer’s unique “Text Directions” feature. Creating individual events populates the “Text Directions,” “Email Directions,” and “Google Maps” obituary buttons, as pictured on James England’s sample obituary below. Having these buttons in place can cut down dramatically on the number of calls your funeral home receives asking for service location details and/or driving directions.
  2. Adding service locations also allows our Tribute Store plugin to automatically send any floral arrangements that are ordered through the deceased’s Celebration Wall to the right location.  There’s nothing worse than hearing from guests that a precious arrangement was ordered, but not delivered — and you can easily avoid this issue with a single step.

Adding event details only takes a few moments, but it gives you an easy way to better serve your families and communicate with your local florists.  If you have any questions about setting up your obituaries, please contact our support team.


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