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Organizations and Businesses Funeral Homes Can Give Back to This Year

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Funeral Profession

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Is your funeral home looking for a positive way to make a difference in your client families’ lives this year? Funeral homes can help their community and beyond by giving back to meaningful organizations.

Showing support for local businesses and organizations boosts your brand’s positive image and opens the door for potential event partnerships. Additionally, it shows your funeral home’s staff and client families that you care about making a positive difference.

Let’s discuss some ways funeral homes can give back.

How Funeral Homes Can Give Back

Your funeral home can give back in many ways, whether it’s a physical donation or donating your time through volunteering. A donation could be a monetary donation or collection of supplies in need, like canned goods, winter clothing, and books.

While donating your time can mean many things, such as visiting hospital patients or volunteering at a local organization’s community event. And, as mentioned previously, volunteering at community events creates the potential for collaborating on future events.

Organization Donation Ideas

We brainstormed a few organization ideas, both national and local, that your funeral home can give back to this year:

  • Veterans organizations
  • Organizations that research terminal illnesses
  • Homeless shelters
  • Suicide support organizations
  • Local police department, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians

Organization Volunteer Ideas

These are a few of many organizations that your funeral home’s staff can volunteer at this year:

  • Hospice centers, nursing homes, and hospitals — little things like delivering flowers can make a patient’s or resident’s day
  • Local library — your funeral home’s staff can help organize an event for reading books to children who are grieving a loss
  • Schools and colleges — offering educational seminars, contributing to scholarships, and creating internship opportunities can help your community’s students succeed
  • Food pantries — these organizations could always use help packaging food for those in need
  • Animal shelters, especially for funeral homes that offer pet funeral services — your staff can spend time caring for and playing with the animals


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