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Our Favorite Photos from The Meaningful Funeral Photo Contest

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Funeral Profession


Thank you to everyone who participated in The Meaningful Funeral photo contest. We had some great photos come our way! We especially appreciated all the creativity and thought put into these submissions. Kimberley from Dial & Dudley Funeral Home ended up winning the contest with her photo featuring Cozy the goat. We would like to share some of our other favorite photos!

Kimberley and Cozy —Winner

We loved the creativity behind this winning photo. We’re glad to see goats can enjoy The Meaningful Funeral too!

Holly Steed from Culpepper Funeral Home

It was heartwarming to see all the kind comments on Holly’s photo. Clearly, Holly has made a positive impact on those close to her.

Employees from Max A. Sass & Sons

Props are always a good idea for a photo contest. We loved how these employees incorporated holiday decorations to go with the holiday theme of this issue of The Meaningful Funeral.

Kesha Dickson from Ray-Nowell Funeral Homes & Dickins Funeral Home

It’s great to see that funeral homes are enjoying their copy of The Meaningful Funeral. Thanks for pointing that out to us, Kesha!

Doug Wilson from Roller-Owens Funeral Home

Clearly, Doug pays close attention to detail with the angel on his head reading a mini version of The Meaningful Funeral. Bonus points for creativity!

April Epps from Heritage Funeral Service and Crematory

Could a photo be more fitting for a funeral home photo contest? This one had our staff laughing!

Grace Russell from Ratterman Brothers Funeral Home

A simply elegant photo of Grace showcasing the latest issue of The Meaningful Funeral.

Employees from Ebling-Stabingas Funeral Home

A nice selfie with The Meaningful Funeral is always appreciated!

Wendy Conger from Leonard Memorial Funeral Home

This photo is too funny! Wendy’s caption: “A little light reading with Mr. Leonard, the visionary who started Leonard Funeral Home many years ago and died of a heart attack before seeing his vision to completion.”

Alane Swanson

We loved how this photo showcased Alane’s welcoming outdoor area. Such pretty mums!

Thanks again to the participants. To download the latest issue of The Meaningful Funeral, click here


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