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Our Story: An Interview with Frazer Consultants’ Founder Matt Frazer [Video]

by | May 4, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos


When I was fifteen years old, I was working for my parents’ funeral home management software company and that was kind of my summertime and after school job and really started learning about the business and I realized there was this big need for personalization. And that’s when I came up with the first idea for a Tribute Candle product for the profession. Really I came up with the idea because families at the end of the funeral process they they really didn’t get much. So what I wanted to be able to do is I wanted to be able to come up with something that was quick, it was easy for the funeral home to do, but yet it was really meaningful. The candle was just absolutely perfect.

And it’s really been a great homerun product for everyone that’s been involved with it. So what I learned about the funeral profession when being out on the road, driving from funeral home to funeral home. I’d say probably the one of the number one things that come to mind is dedication. When I would pull up to a funeral home and it would be seven or eight o’clock at night and these guys are still working, and then they’re sitting here and they’re willing to sit down and talk with me until ten, eleven, twelve o’clock at night. That’s pretty amazing. I was so impressed with so many funeral directors that kind of took me under their wing and they almost all acted like they were my, you know, like my father figure. And they wanted to teach me about the business. They wanted to see it be successful. And I think honestly that’s one of the reasons why it was so successful cause so many funeral directors gave me, you know, such a chance.

This one night it was about maybe eight o’clock at night, eight or nine, Mike Lawlor from Lawlor Funeral Home in Illinois, he waited around for me so that I could still meet him that night in the funeral home. He was sitting at his desk and I noticed he was working on something. I asked him, I said Hey Mike, what are you working on? And he told me that he was working on this holiday remembrance product. That he had a holiday remembrance service that was coming up. And he said, Matt you know if you could ever come up with the idea of a holiday remembrance ornament that funeral homes across the country could use as part of their program, he said it would be really, really successful. He says there’s a lot of guys like me that are trying to put some sort of program together but there’s really no product out there. I think it probably only took me two or three weeks, and I had my first prototype ready to go. And I called Mike back and said hey I think I got the product. And ever since he actually started ordering ornaments along with many, many other funeral homes across the country.

And that just happened to be product number 2 for the company to help us keep growing, and keep, you know getting us to where we’re at today. Honestly funeral directors have been serving Frazer Consultants and that’s how we’ve been serving funeral directors. At the end of the day, the company would not exist or be where it’s at today if we didn’t have so many great clients and great customers to keep giving us the ideas, keep telling us what they are hearing from their families, telling us you know, their successes but also telling us about the struggles that they’re having. And what I like doing, and the thing that probably keeps me going, is I love hearing about all the struggles because there’s always some really great solutions that you can have for all of the issues that customers are having. We really get to touch a lot of families at a very emotional time in their life. It’s pretty inspiring for us to be able to help out such a large group of funeral homes and kind of make our impact on this profession.


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