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Personalization: 6 Unique Coffins and Caskets

by | Mar 14, 2017 | For Families

Flowers sitting on top of an upside-down basket

One of the rising funeral trends that funeral directors are noticing is personalization.

Families want the funeral service to reflect their loved one’s personality and interests. There are many different ways to personalize a funeral service, from photo displays and tribute videos to iconic urns or unique caskets.

Even though the cremation rate is surpassing traditional burial, there is still a need for caskets and coffins for those being buried or having an open-casket visitation. Note, the difference between a casket and coffin is merely the design; caskets are a rectangular shape, while coffins are a hexagonal shape.

A coffin shaped liked an object that represents the deceased can add a personal touch to the funeral service. Here is a look at some uniquely-shaped caskets and coffins from around the world.

Car-Shaped Coffin

For those who were car fanatics, this is the perfect coffin to suit their interests. This car-shaped coffin designed by Cruisin Casket can be personalized with the choice of car color, plate number, and wheel rims. The coffin is the same dimension of traditional coffins and has a fiberglass body, hinged door, and upholstered interior.

Corn-Shaped Coffin

Coffin designs don’t have to be corny, as this corn-shaped coffin is the opposite of that. Several engineering students at Iowa State University made this corn-shaped coffin with the help of Eric Adjetey Anang, a carpenter and folk artist from Ghana. The coffin was auctioned off online in April 2015 to raise money for a dam in West Africa.

Eco-Friendly Egg-Shaped Burial Pod

Eco-conscious green funerals are another popular funeral trend with there being bio-degradable urns and caskets. This egg-shaped burial pod is environmentally-friendly while providing nutrients for a tree seed planted above the pod. The deceased is placed inside the biodegradable starch plastic pod in a fetal position.

Fish-Shaped Casket

We all hope that work doesn’t seem like work when we’re doing what were passionate about. As Marc Anthony once said, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” A personalized casket can showcase the deceased’s passions, as it did for a popular Ghana fisherman who was buried in a fish-shaped casket with gold finishings.

Lego-Shaped Coffin

Jordan McCole’s motto was “go big or go home” and his mother wanted his funeral service to reflect that. She said he was a fighter, but he died of cancer in February 2017 at age 21. Since her son was a big Lego fan, they had him buried in a 7-foot yellow Lego brick coffin to honor his memory in a personal and unique way.

Ship-Shaped Coffin

The funeral service for dog-loving merchant sailor Richard Roberts, also known as Dickie Dog, was filled with a dog procession and a ship-shaped coffin. His daughter organized the personalized funeral service and said she “wanted the day to reflect the positive, eccentric and dog-loving facets of my father’s character.”

What other examples of unique caskets have you seen? Share them with us in the comments!


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