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Planning for the future: Simple steps to build a better business plan

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Funeral Profession

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As a funeral director, you understand how important it is for families to prepare and plan for the inevitable.

Preplanning can save money and time, reduce stress, and allow more input and control over the decision — all of which are great benefits. And while it might seem like common sense, some funeral homes don’t have a clear plan for the future in place.

A recent report found that two-thirds of business leaders don’t have time to set up a long-term strategy and that 47% of business owners don’t work on a future strategy at all. Planning a long-term strategy is especially hard when it comes to funeral homes, where you can’t predict the day-to-day operations.

Investing in the future is vital — and not just for you. It allows you to continue the dedicated service you provide to your families. Neglecting a future strategy can leave you susceptible to new competition and makes it harder for your funeral home to adapt to emerging trends.

We’ve put together some simple areas to invest in to keep your funeral home running long-term:

1. Staff and Training

Having the right staff can make a world of difference. You want people who will carry the same vision and service that your funeral home is known for. Make sure to start looking early — attend local job fairs or ask about setting up a speaking opportunity with a local college or high school. Take a look here for more tips on how to find the perfect staff.

2. Tech and Trends

We live in a world of constant innovation. For a funeral home, this means investing in meaningful technology to better reach your families. Simply having a website isn’t enough — today’s families are more web savvy and will be turned off by an outdated site that’s difficult to navigate or lacks modern features such as an online payment system. Families want fast, clean, and social sites. When you invest in a website, you should make sure it’s easily updateable and has features families want.

3. Facilities

Just as families want a modern website, they also want modern amenities. Updating your funeral home is a smart investment and a great way to make a powerful first impression on families. Consider offering free Wi-Fi or charging stations for phones. Update the décor to reflect an open and inviting environment. For more tips on keeping your funeral home feeling fresh, click here.

4. Brand Image

Whether you are just starting out in the community or you’ve got a lengthy family history, you have a story to tell the community. Don’t let someone else tell it for you. Funeral homes unfairly get a bad rap in the media. Make sure you take the initiative and tell your story to the community. A healthy brand image is important when focusing on the future.

5. Yourself

Taking time to invest in yourself is just as important. There are several resources available for the funeral director who is looking to continue learning. Not web savvy? Sign up for a class. Want to know how to better market your services? Enroll in a community college certification course. We’ve also compiled a list of free resources online to help you stay sharp.

Just because death can’t always be planned doesn’t mean your funeral home should do the same. Taking time to plan for the future is important not only for you but for the families you serve.


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