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Staying Active: Deskercises for Funeral Directors

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Funeral Profession

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Even though funeral directors are constantly on-the-go planning funerals, there’s still a good portion of the day that you spend sitting at a desk.

Whether you’re entering data, filling out paperwork, or posting to your funeral home’s social media accounts, you’re most likely sitting at your desk. When a lot of your workday involves sitting, it can be hard to get enough daily exercise.

That’s why many workers who spend a lot of time sitting are doing desk exercises — also known as deskercises. These are exercises that can be done at your desk — some even while you’re still sitting! Many of these exercises are simple and discrete, so you can stay productive while also staying active.

Below are some examples of exercises that funeral directors can do at their desk or around their funeral home’s facility.

Deskercises for Funeral Directors

Arm, Wrist, and Hand Stretches

Stretch your arms above your head for about 10 seconds. Then, stretch your wrists by stretching one arm in front of you and using the other hand to pull your hand straight down at the wrist. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat three times for each hand. Shaking your hands for a few seconds also helps provide some relief, especially after typing for a long time.

Chair Swivels

While holding your desk with your feet off the floor, swivel your chair by using your core to twist it back and forth.

DIY Bike

Sit on the edge of your chair while holding onto the armrests and bring your knees up like you’re riding a bike.

Leg Lifts

While sitting, lift one or both of your legs, hold for several seconds, and repeat. You also can put something on your legs or wrap something around them, like a bag, to add weight. This is great for being discrete, as it’s often not noticeable.

Shoulder Shrugs

Simply alternate shrugging your shoulders 20 to 30 times to work the trapezius muscle in your back. Also, making sure that you’re not slouching at your desk can help relieve back pain related to prolonged sitting.

Stretching Your Jaw

When working at your desk, remember to move your jaw from side to side a few times a day to relieve jaw pain related to stress.

Stand Up

Another popular trend that we’re seeing in the workforce is standing desks. Many of these desks are adjustable so you can switch between sitting and standing throughout your work day. There are many different styles, such as an adjustable tabletop stand or an entire desk that’s adjustable.

For example, you can get this inexpensive portable desk stand on Amazon. Or you can check out this tabletop stand if you want something a little more advanced. If you’re ready for a full-out adjustable desk, this standing desk also comes with a free monitor mount.

Exercises Around the Funeral Home

By getting away from your desk for a little bit, you also can squeeze in some exercise — even when you’re doing your daily routine tasks. If you’re waiting for something to print or download or for the coffee to brew, you can do some wall push-ups or wall sits.

When it’s an option, take the stairs or take a longer route to get in a few more steps — it all adds up at the end of the day. You also can use this as an opportunity to check in on coworkers to see how they’re doing and if they need help with anything.

Another idea at your next staff meeting is for everyone to stand instead of sitting. Or even just have everyone stand for part of the meeting if possible.

What are your favorite deskercises? Share them with us in the comments!


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