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Team-Building Activities for Your Staff

by | May 15, 2019 | Funeral Profession

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When people get to know their coworkers better, it positively impacts the entire business. In fact, according to Sodexo, team-building activities can bring people together, improve productivity, and increase motivation and collaboration — all important things to successfully run a funeral home.

By being comfortable with one another, your staff will enjoy work more, be better communicators, and ultimately do their jobs better. That’s why we are sharing several team-building activities your funeral home’s staff can participate in below!

Have a Staff Potluck

Since everyone’s schedules tend to be hectic when working at a funeral home, it’s best to host a potluck during work hours, that way people don’t have to feel conflicted about staying at work or going home after a long day. Breakfast time or over lunch tends to work best.

A great way to get to know one another is to have everyone bring their favorite dish to share. Or, keep it fun by choosing a theme like Mexican food or summer BBQ. Having a chance to talk over good food is a great way to boost morale and bond with each other.

Play Some Ice Breaker Games

I know, sometimes ice breaker games make people roll their eyes, but some of them can actually be really fun! For instance, Two Truths and a Lie is where everyone comes up with two truths about themselves and one lie. After each person presents what they came up with, everyone guesses which one is the lie. It’s a silly game that helps people to get to know each other.

Some other fun ice breaker games are the team-win icebreaker, exquisite corpse, and one-word game. These games don’t have to take up a chunk of the workday; you can do them at the start of a meeting.

Do Something for a Good Cause

Doing something good for your community is a great way to bond. Volunteering, going to a blood drive, or running a charity 5K as a team are all ways your funeral home can give back.

However, since many volunteer opportunities take place outside of work, it may be difficult to get people to participate. If you find this is an issue, find things you can do during the workday. For example, you could divide your staff into teams for a food drive competition. Whichever team collects the most donations wins! The prize could be a gift card, or you could take them out to lunch.

Have Some Holiday Fun

Remember how fun it was to do holiday-themed activities as a kid? Why not do some at work? A Halloween costume contest, secret Santa gift exchange, Valentine’s Day dessert potluck, or a picnic near Memorial Day are just a few ideas.

What team-building activities does your work do? Share by commenting below!


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