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The Benefits of Social Tribute Walls on Frazer-Powered Websites

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Funeral Home Websites

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From scheduling appointments to buying groceries, more people are taking to the internet for their everyday needs. The same goes for sharing condolences for the loss of someone’s loved one.

Obituaries printed in the newspaper simply don’t give the same opportunities as online obituaries. However, your funeral home can’t just have any ordinary online obituary. With the right obituary tool, you can let your families do things like write a sympathy message to the bereaved or purchase memorial gifts. This way, everything they need is conveniently located in one place.

That’s why Frazer-powered funeral home websites have social Tribute Walls. With these, families can share memories, donate to crowdfunding campaigns, purchase sympathy flowers, and so much more. Let’s go over all the benefits of Tribute Walls on Frazer-powered websites for both your funeral home’s staff and client families.

More Ways to Honor Lives

On Tribute Walls, in addition to finding the obituary and funeral service information, families can post messages and share powerful memories. They also can leave meaningful symbols and light virtual candles to express their condolences.

Many third-party obituary hosting sites make their online guestbooks inaccessible after a certain amount of time. To view them, families need to sponsor the site with yearly or permanent sponsorships. They already lost their loved one; they shouldn’t lose their memories and condolences too. That’s why Tribute Walls serve as permanent virtual tributes for honoring and remembering the deceased.

Open the Door for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Your funeral home’s staff can easily turn Tribute Crowdfunding campaigns on for individual Tribute Walls if the family wants to reach out to their community for support. The great thing about Tribute Crowdfunding is that it keeps your funeral home in control. Unlike third-party crowdfunding sites, your funeral home is in control of the funds raises, so you don’t have to worry about where the funds are going.

You can even get more exposure by sharing the campaigns on social media. It’s an easy way to support families while helping them cover their funeral expenses.

Get Extra Revenue from Sympathy Flowers

With Tribute Store, families can conveniently order sympathy flowers directly from their loved one’s Tribute Wall. Since families are already online shopping for flowers whether or not your funeral home offers them on your website, you should take advantage of this extra revenue. Since you’re hosting Tribute Store on your website, your funeral home gets a commission from the flower sales.

Tribute Store also makes things easier for everyone involved: your staff, families, and florists. You choose the florists you want to work with, so you can keep your long-lasting relationships with your local florists that you’ve worked hard to earn. We also handle all the customer service for Tribute Store, so your funeral home’s staff doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

Boost Your SEO with the Responsive Design

Tribute Walls and all Frazer-powered website pages are responsive, so they respond to whatever screen size your families are viewing them from. Since obituaries are the most viewed page on your website, it’s especially important for these to be responsive. Having a responsive design also boosts your search engine optimization, since search engines like Google favor websites with responsive designs.

Keep Traffic on Your Website

Tribute Walls keep website traffic on your funeral home’s website instead of taking them to a third-party obituary hosting site. This way, all the people searching for their loved one’s obituary come across your funeral home and the services you offer. Then, they may keep you in mind for when the time comes.


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