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The Surprising Psychological Benefits of Tribute Videos

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Funeral Personalization

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Modern society has a penchant for futuristic technology, and the future of the funeral profession has strange and exciting new ideas: memorial spaceflights, email beyond the grave, and even holographic eulogies.

Thankfully, however, most of the technology demanded by today’s families is a bit more accessible. Social Tribute Walls, for example, allow families to share memories and condolences in a manner that has become second-nature to them. Funeral webcasting allows distant family members and friends to participate in services that they would have otherwise been forced to miss.

But the most popular method of modern memorialization continues to be — overwhelmingly — Tribute Videos.

Popularity of Tribute Videos

Why are Tribute Videos so popular and so meaningful to the families you serve? They’re certainly no longer considered cutting-edge. No, the allure of Tribute Videos can’t be explained by today’s futuristic yearnings; Tribute Videos remain powerful funeral fixtures because they provide viewers with deep and profound psychological benefits.

Psychological Benefits of Tribute Videos

All types of movies can cause physical and emotional changes in viewers. This is true whether or not the movie was filmed at home or in a studio, contains actors or people you know intimately, or was filmed yesterday or 10 years ago. Movies are powerful because they transmit ideas through images and emotion. Birgit Wolz, a psychologist who focuses on movies as therapy, says “[Movies] can neutralize the instinct to suppress feelings and trigger emotional release. By eliciting emotions, watching movies can open doors that otherwise might stay closed.”

Movies with both comedic and sad characteristics have unique effects on their viewers: comedies lower blood pressure and promote feelings of well-being, whereas films that are considered sad often leave viewers thinking fondly of their loved ones and the good things they have in their lives. As most funeral directors know, Tribute Videos tend to incorporate these different genres naturally; a person’s life is always a healthy mix of joy, comedy, and heartbreak.

When you combine the effects of film with the psychological effects of simply seeing a loved one’s face, you can truly understand the benefits of Tribute Videos. Our brains cannot help but react when we see someone we care deeply about — in person, in photographs, or on video. The exposure instantly triggers the release of that all-powerful hormone, Oxytocin. Oxytocin has an anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) effect, and can potentially increase feelings of love and empathy.

Meaningful Funeral Experience

Furthermore, Tribute Videos provide funeral attendees with an experience they can share together. It helps them to empathize with one another and appreciate that each person is there for the same reason; a shared love of a person, and a shared desire to celebrate their loved one’s life.

Looking for more information on how you can include high-quality Tribute Videos in your funeral services? Give our talented team of funeral home consultants a call at 866-372-9372, or click here to learn more about Tribute Center.


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