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The Ultimate (Free!) Solution for Posting Obituaries Online

by | May 15, 2015 | Funeral Home Websites

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The industry is abuzz with news of the and merger, and many funeral homes have begun the search for a better solution for posting obituaries.

We’ve long been opposed to online obituary services that charge funeral homes a fee to post obituaries while simultaneously stealing traffic off the funeral home’s website (costing them money in lost business). This lose-lose situation is why Frazer Consultants came up with a better solution for posting obituaries online, one that keeps traffic on your website and is 100% free to use.

Frazer Consultants Social Tribute Walls

Frazer’s online obituary platform is the most advanced on the market, boasting features that help grieving families and busy funeral directors alike. The social aspect of our Tribute Walls allows friends and families to create permanent virtual tributes to their loved ones who have passed.

Great for Families

The value that Frazer Consultants social Tribute Walls bring to families is superior to other online obituary platforms on the market. Families that recently lost a loved one will appreciate that they can:

  • Leave a condolence message
  • Share photos and videos
  • Light a candle or leave a symbol
  • Interact with friends and family
  • Purchase and send sympathy flowers
  • View and share obituary and service information
  • and more!

Great for Funeral Directors

Not only do families appreciate the benefits of Frazer-powered Tribute Walls, but busy funeral directors do too! See below:

  • Share memorial or stationery products created in Tribute Center to a loved one’s Tribute wall for friends and family to view and purchase
  • Post obituaries to your website right from Tribute Center, eliminating the hassle of double data entry
  • Send service directions directly to a person’s phone using the built-in “Text Directions” feature to save time when families call in with direction requests
  • Sell flowers right from loved ones’ Tribute Walls, and your funeral home gets a commission for every sale

Frazer Consultants’ social Tribute Walls come standard on every Frazer-powered funeral home website and are just one of many reasons why our websites lead the industry in terms of features, functionality, and value.

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  1. Mark Gonsalves

    I was wondering, are the posts limited for time and can a family member write the obituary in their own words? Also, do you require an actual death certificate?

    Thank you.


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