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Tips For Creating Compelling Funeral Home Staff Biographies

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession

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Each member of your staff is unique. They have different backgrounds. They’ve had different experiences. And each was called to the funeral profession in some unique way.

The best part is, when you share these stories about your staff, you have a better chance to connect with families. Compelling, detail-rich staff bios help make your funeral home seem more personable. It sets you apart from the competition. And ultimately, it may be the reason a family chooses your funeral home over a competitor. So don’t just settle for bland biographies. Here are some ways you can make your staff members’ stories really stand out.

What Makes a Good Staff Story

Good staff biographies should show that your staff members are real people. Now that sounds simple enough, right? But you’d be surprised at how many businesses forget this. Some businesses don’t list their staff at all. Others only list a name, job title, and phone number.

People want to know who they will be working with. You’ve probably heard that people don’t simply buy products, they buy from people. And it’s true. People like to buy from real people, people that remind them of themselves, people they know, or people in their communities.

So what should you use in your staff bio to create a more compelling connection with potential client families?

Start by including a picture. It’s a must. Photos help instantly create an emotional connection with others. You can take it a little further and even forgo the traditional headshot route. Opt for something that shows your staff in a more natural setting, or for photos that highlight their personality and passions.

Make sure your staff’s bios aren’t boring. If it reads like a resume, it’s probably best to start over. Sure, having relevant experience and license information is important, but a staff bio should also show off a person’s personality. It should tell a story. How did this person get into funeral service? What do they enjoy doing in their free time? Who is someone they look up to, what inspires them? These are all important questions that help highlight a person’s unique background.

You also want to provide multiple ways for client families to contact your staff. Provide a business phone number, email, and maybe even their personal cell phone number. Everyone has different preferred methods of communication, and it can make a family more comfortable knowing they can reach your staff in a variety of ways.

Other Tips and Advice

Here are some other things to keep in mind when crafting your staff’s stories:

  • Split the biography into short paragraphs so they are easier to scan and read.
  • Update your biographies often. Whenever there is a change in staff, make sure to update the About Us page. Or if a staff member has had an important life event, such as a marriage, birth, or completed new certification, update their bio. Outdated biographies or About Us pages are offputting for a family looking to connect with your funeral home.
  • Use clear, friendly, and conversational language. Think of your biographies as an introductory letter to families.
  • Think about switching the perspective. While traditional biographies are written in the third-person, if done correctly, a first-person biography might come off as more personal.
  • Write your biographies in a group setting. For most people, it’s hard to write about oneself. Call a group meeting and have everyone offer suggestions for what to include in each other’s biography.
  • Consider adding links to your staff member’s social media accounts. This can help families develop an even deeper relationship with your staff. But only do this if your staff members maintain professional social media accounts and are comfortable sharing that information.

Your Turn

Ready to use what you’ve learned and get started? We’re here to help. Click here to download our free worksheet to help you start creating compelling staff biographies today!


  1. Mrs. Foster

    You have got to be kidding. I didn’t even read his article past the intro, which touted making staff bios “come alive”. As a grieving parent who lost a teen child just a few months ago, I find this remark egregiously offensive and insensitive. Who was the clown who wrote it and what kind of end-of-life businessor association approved it?!!! Not anyone I would want to ever consider working with!

    • Samantha Ward

      Mrs. Foster,

      I am sincerely sorry for your loss. I can’t possibly imagine the way that you are feeling after the loss of a child, and my heart truly goes out to you. I hope that you can continue to heal and find peace as you adjust to your new normal.

      This article was not meant in any way to be offensive or insensitive, and I apologize if it came across that way. We are a business that works with funeral homes to improve their website presence, and so we simply wanted to provide some tips on creating better staff bios so families like yours could better know who was caring for their loved ones. Many funeral homes don’t even have bios for their staff, and when they do, they are often cold and resume-like.

      I realize that not every family is the same, and not everyone will care about what the staff does on the weekend, or how many kids they have, or how long they’ve been married. Especially when facing a loss. But speaking for myself, I can say that those little details can really help me see the funeral home’s staff as compassionate, real human beings. They have families too. They understand loss better than most of us ever will. And that provides me and many others with an added sense of peace, knowing that our loved one is in good hands.

      Again, I am truly sorry for your loss, and I apologize as well if this article offended you in any way. That was never our intention.

      All the best,
      Samantha Ward


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