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Top 10 Funeral Articles From 2018

by | Jan 9, 2019 | For Families, Funeral Profession

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We want to look back at 2018’s top 10 most-read funeral articles from our blog! The topics range from coping with grief and sending sympathy messages to funeral misconceptions and funeral traditions of other cultures.

Let’s break down the top funeral articles, starting with number 10!

10. How Baby Boomers and Millennials Differ In Terms of Death Taboo

Baby Boomers and Millennials have their own views on death and how they want to be remembered. By understanding these generations’ beliefs and experiences, funeral directors can better cater to their funeral needs.

9. 8 Poems and Quotes for Remembering Dad This Father’s Day

Even though this post was for Father’s Day, this collection of poems and quotes is great for remembering dad year-round.

8. Condolences: Is a Social Media Message or Text Ever Enough?

With how much people communicate via social media and texting these days, it brings about an important question. Is it ever okay to express condolences for someone’s loss on social media or via text? These best practices can help people determine how to express their sympathy.

7. Common Funeral Misconceptions and Why They Aren’t True

Unfortunately, there are many funeral misconceptions out there. See why common funeral misconceptions like not being able to have a viewing with cremation are NOT true.

6. July Is Bereaved Parents Month: How to Cope

This post was for Bereaved Parents Month, but the tips are evergreen, as parents mourn the loss of their child year-round.

5. Why I Reconsidered Direct Cremation, and Why I Think You Should Too

Marketing Manager Samantha Ward shares why she changed her mind about direct cremation and why she believes it’s important to have a viewing with cremation.

4. Capturing Their Voice: How to Save a Loved One’s Voicemail

Hearing a loved one’s voice can help you feel closer to them. That’s why many people are saving voicemails from their loved one as special mementos to cherish forever and help them grieve their loss.

3. How to Respond to Sympathy Social Media Messages, Calls, and Texts

Those who are grieving may get easily overwhelmed with how connected everyone is today with social media and smartphones. These best practices can help those who are grieving respond to sympathy social media messages, texts, and calls.

2. Grief Theories Series

Our Grief Theories Series earned number two for the top 10 most-read articles! This series explores the many different theories and models of grief. Out of all these articles, Parks and Bowlby’s Four Phases of Grief and Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning received the most views!

You can read the other articles from this series below:

1. Cultural Spotlight

Our recurring Cultural Spotlight series earned the top spot! This series highlights how different cultures care for the dead and covers funeral rituals, superstitions, death beliefs, and other funeral-related customs. In particular, three Cultural Spotlight articles had the most views: French, Nigerian, and German funeral traditions.

What topics do you want us to write about in 2019? Share your suggestions with us in the comments!


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