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Tribute Center Integrates with Frazer-Powered Websites

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Personalization, Funeral Technology

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It’s hard enough to manage a business, but when your job also involves taking care of your client families, it can get overwhelming.

That’s why funeral directors need the right tools that are designed with their needs and their client families’ needs in mind. Our Tribute Center personalization software and Frazer-powered websites provide just that. We designed Tribute Center so that it integrates with Frazer-powered websites to make things as easy and efficient as possible.

By connecting your Tribute Center account with your Frazer-powered website, you eliminate redundant data entry for information about the deceased. You also have the opportunity to show the personalized funeral stationery products you create on their obituary, encouraging reorders. Funeral directors can efficiently run their funeral home while also creating meaningful funeral experiences for their families.

Easy to Use

The integration of these two platforms makes things easy for your funeral home. Whether or not you consider yourself tech-savvy, anyone can use our platforms. Both our Tribute Center software and our website’s admin panel are easy to use. It’s just a matter of entering the information and letting our platforms do the rest.

And we’re continuously updating them to give funeral directors even more innovative tools. This way, you can take your funeral home to the next level and make things simpler for your staff.

Saves You Time

No more wasted time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks like double data entry. When you enter information about the deceased on the website, it’s saved so you don’t have to re-enter it. Then, it’s a breeze to share that info in Tribute Center to create multiple memorial products.

You can use the time you save for other important tasks that you didn’t have time for. Most importantly, you can spend more time with your client families. Plus, training your staff members in the process will be quick. Everyone will be on the same page, as everything is easy to find and organized. This way, your funeral home can streamline the obituary and memorial creation process.

What Tribute Center Offers

With Tribute Center, you have the opportunity to provide your families with more personalized funeral and memorial products. In Tribute Center, you can create a variety of funeral stationery products, including funeral register books, memorial folders, program folders, tri-fold programs, thank-you cards, bookmarks, prayer cards, Life Journey Candles, and so much more.

You can even offer your families funeral webcasting services and create meaningful Tribute Videos and DVDs — which can easily be added to the deceased’s obituary on your funeral home’s website.

What Frazer-Powered Websites Offer

Our Frazer-powered websites‘ modern and responsive designs make your website easy for families to navigate no matter what device they’re on. In addition to their Tribute Center integration, our websites also include our all-inclusive payment platform Tribute Pay, 365 Days of Healing grief email subscriptions, text directions, and many more features.

Click here to download Tribute Center for free!


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