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Tribute Wall Update: Families Can Easily Search for Funeral Events on Google

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Funeral Home Websites

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When a loved one passes away, one of the first things mourners want to know is the funeral event information. They want to know when and where the visitation, funeral service, and other funeral events are happening.

With funerals often occurring just days after the death, loved ones need to find out the funeral event details as soon as possible. Many people live out of town or even out of state, so they need time to arrange a flight, hotel stay, and any other arrangements.

We want to help make this information quick and easy for families to find. That’s why the coding within your Frazer-powered website allows funeral events on your website to appear as events in Google search results.

Easy-to-Find Funeral Events

All your funeral home’s staff needs do is add the event information to the obituary as you would normally do within your admin panel. Once you save and publish it, families can easily search for and find the information. They can do a simple Google search for their loved one’s funeral service and it will pop up as an event in the Google search results.

For example, let’s say someone is searching for their loved one’s funeral service information. In Google, they can type “funeral service for Bob Example of Madison, Wisconsin.” Then, it will appear as an event in the Google search results with all the information they need right at their fingertips. In just a few seconds, they now know the event date, time, location, and other important details.

More Website Traffic and Potential Client Families

Having the funeral events on your website show up as events in Google search results brings you more website traffic. Users can click on the event and go to their loved one’s Tribute Wall on your website to view more details. This can bring additional website traffic that may have otherwise got the funeral event information elsewhere — which also brings your funeral home more potential client families.

Other Tribute Wall Features

When families are taken to their loved one’s Tribute Wall, they can do much more than just viewing their loved one’s obituary and funeral event information. They can leave condolence messages, share memories, upload photos or videos, leave symbols, order flowers, and many more engaging features to honor their loved one. And with our responsive website designs, families can have a meaningful Tribute Wall experience no matter what device they’re viewing it from.


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