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Unique ideas for the perfect winter funeral

by | Dec 8, 2016 | For Families

A woman in a hat walking in the snow

Winter is coming — and this time of year is ripe with beautiful themes, imagery, and ideas to incorporate into a memorable service or celebration of life.

For someone that loved the winter season, here are some ideas to incorporate into planning a truly special service.

Color Schemes

Although some usually think of winter as barren or bleak, the winter season has some great color schemes. There are the natural colors of a snowy landscape and setting sun, or color schemes that evoke the warmth of nights spent with friends and family by a fireside. Here are a few examples:

White, gold, and silver for a classic and elegant winter look.
Light gray and blue for a calm winter feeling.
Red and brown for a warm fireside feel.
Pink and purple for a winter landscape sunset

For more winter color inspiration, check out this article.

Memorial Ideas for the Family

Here are some unique ways for a family to make a winter funeral special.

  • Create an ornament from the dried funeral flowers for family and friends to use as a keepsake.
  • Make a memorial quilt from their loved one’s old clothes. Any old fabric — such as jeans, shirts, ties, etc. — can be used to turn clothes into a unique and heartwarming family keepsake.
  • Make a homemade snow globe. The centerpiece item can be a loved one’s memento or favorite holiday ornament.
  • Have a favorite winter recipe the loved one made every year? They can create a custom heirloom plate with the recipe and photo of their loved on printed on it.


When it comes to decorations for a winter funeral, there are a lot to choose from. Here are some timeless suggestions:

  • Holiday lights: Classic white string lights are perfect for creating a warm mood at the service.
  • Candles/lanterns: Simple white candles and lanterns also help to create a warm, classic, and elegant atmosphere. Candles also have a long history in funeral traditions and comforting families.
  • Garland: Decorative garland is a great way to tie the winter theme of a memorial service together. Classic pine is a nice touch, but garland can come in a variety of flowers and colors. Pick one that matches the color scheme your family has in mind.
  • Pinecones: They add a great finishing touch to any winter themes. Add them alongside light strands, put them in mason jars with flameless tealights, or even use pinecones on their own as a unique way to decorate.

If you’re looking to take your decorating ideas to the next level, check out this article for more inspiration.

Food and Refreshments

If the family is planning a reception or you want to offer some refreshments after a ceremony, there are only two requirements for winter — it should be warm and hearty. Warm casseroles and warm winter drinks are going to help make your memorial service a truly heartwarming experience.

What other creative ideas do you have for a winter-themed funeral? Share them with us in the comments!


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