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Unique Memorial Keepsakes – Bookmarks and Funeral Stationery

by | Mar 3, 2011 | Funeral Personalization

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Funeral professionals can provide unique memorial keepsakes, including bookmarks and funeral stationery, by using the latest, most advanced funeral software.

When a loved one passes away, the bereaved look to their funeral professional to not only make the necessary arrangements but also to provide funeral stationery and keepsakes. With funeral technology making huge strides in recent years, it’s now possible to offer client families more options than ever before.

Memorial bookmarks, for instance, are a unique keepsake. From one piece of blank stock, funeral professionals can create four bookmarks. These bookmarks can be printed on-demand without using pre-printed stock, so there’s no need for a large amount of inventory. There’s also no high-tech equipment to purchase either. Using the funeral home’s printing equipment and the latest funeral software, one can create beautiful, coordinated funeral stationery including these memorial bookmarks.

The bookmarks themselves can be personalized in numerous ways. In fact, more than 500 themes for every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background are available. Coordinating the bookmark with the rest of the funeral stationery makes for a lovely presentation. The funeral register book, memorial folder, prayer cards, acknowledgments and even DVD packaging and candles can be created with the same theme. Families will be pleased with the vast selection and the professional quality of the funeral stationery.

With the ability to create full-color, two-sided bookmarks, a funeral professional can print the deceased’s name, date of birth and death, along with a photo of the deceased on one side of the bookmark. On the reverse side, some families choose to print the person’s obituary or a poem or verse that had significant meaning to the deceased.

To keep up with clients’ wishes and expectations, funeral professionals can assist client families best in their life celebration with the latest print-on-demand funeral stationery personalization software. Download it here for free.


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